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Coaching and Choosing Change

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As a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor, I’m used to helping people reach their goals. However, sometimes I forget (since I obviously love working out and eating a healthy diet so much) that making life changes can be really tough. Like really tough.

About a month ago, I shared with you my experience meeting with Terri, a Licensed Wellcoach®. Well, I’m happy to say that since then Terri has continued coaching me, and I’m still reaping the benefits. However, while I’m amazed by the results, I’m also humbled—and reminded—of how much work goes into change. And not change like swapping out your morning bagel with cream cheese for a slice of whole-wheat toast and peanut butter. I mean real, nitty-gritty change that makes you want to simultaneously squeal with happiness AND channel your former toddler self by throwing a frustrated temper tantrum complete with fist-banging and spastic-kicking. Yeah, that kind of change.

For example, through the coaching process, I thought I wanted to work less, but I found that even when I found ways to be more efficient, I’d find new responsibilities or tasks to tackle. Or when I promised myself that I’d take time out for me, and I’d actually just spend the time thinking about how dirty the house was and how many to-dos I still had left on my list. Or how I’d momentarily fall back into old unhealthy eating patterns as soon as I fit into my skinny jeans. Been there done that?

Sure, Terri can (and does!) call me out on it, but the hard work is left to me. And I’ve done much soul-searching to find out why I stand in my own way. Isn’t it funny how sometimes what we want is the exact thing that we’re actually afraid of getting? How it’s actually ourselves who are keeping our dreams just out of reach? Think of yourself and your goals. Who’s really holding you back? Is it you that can’t get out of your own way?

Yes, these are heavy questions for a Monday, but it just echoes the saying that change is hard. And at the end of the day, we can be our own worst enemy or our own biggest cheerleader. With Terri’s expertise and support, I’m choosing the cheerleader over the toddler most days. I’m doing my best to embrace change—even when it’s scary—because I believe deep down that I deserve the best. And that I can change.

Are you ready to change you? Learn more about Terri and wellness coaching. You won’t regret that you did! —Jenn

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