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The Best Holiday Gifts for the Fit Peeps in Your Life

Having troubles finding just the right gift for that special fit person in your life? Check out these unique and fun gifts. They’re sure to light up their recipients’ faces like a Christmas tree!

relfexology sockHands on Feet

This handy, dandy reflexology book gives a complete history of the practice, along with a list of the benefits of reflexology and descriptions of different techniques (with really fun names), such as kneading, thumb-walking and finger-crossing. With the book you also get a pair of Reflexology Sox, which put a map of the human body on the soles of your feet. Just follow the map to help with allergies, anxiety, depression, hangovers, headaches, migraines, PMS and more! I tried these out and LOVED them. I mean, really, a foot massage—whether or not it really relieves my PMS—still makes everything better!

Best gift for: People without ticklish feet who lean towards the hippity-dippity side!

Price: $24.95

gym-bagGaiam Metro Gym Bag

This perfect gym bag is functional and super cute! It’s large enough to lug your stuff to and from the gym whether it’smagazines (reading material for the elliptical!), toiletries, a water bottle, your yoga mat—heck, even a small purse would fit in here! And with enough pockets and zippers to make an organized freak like me shriek with delight, it’s sure to make someone else’s holiday, too.

Best gift for: The organized gal in your life who needs one bag to go from home to work to the gym and back again!

Price: $29.98

pick it kick it bookOxygen’s Pick it Kick It: The Easiest Weight You’ll Ever Lose!

While you’re probably already familiar with the popular series Eat This Not That!, you and your gift recipient may have missed this little guide to eating right that includes a whopping 1,000 simple food substitutions to improve your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! Including hundreds of fast-food options, the book also includes easy-to-make and low-fat recipes, along with tips on boosting metabolism, avoiding marketing traps and decoding nutritional labels. While it’s full of good info, we love how it showcases that small simple changes can really add up to huge health results!

Best gift for: Your bud or family member who’s trying to lose weight but doesn’t have a lot of time to cook at home.

Price: $19.99

funny sweatpantsFBG Sweatpants

You know how I work from home? Well, almost every single day I have to convince myself to put on at least jeans and a top instead of lounging in these super comfy sweatpants. Every day I wage this mental war, and most days the sweatpants win. It’s kind of like my FBG uniform I guess. Regardless, you and your girls need a pair of these stat! With the fun saying “Keeping a lid on the junk in the trunk,” they’re both humorous and comfortable. Did I mention comfortable?

Best gift for: Um, everyone.

Price: $26.90

yoga-matManduka PRO Yoga Mat

After doing yoga for about 15 years (dang, I’m old!), I understand the power—and necessity—of a quality yoga mat that doesn’t just peter out on you in a year or two. You need strength! Cushion! And supreme stickiness! And this Manduka yoga mat has it. Sure, the price tag is steep, but with a lifetime guarantee, it truly is the om gift that keeps on giving and giving.

Best gift for: Yogis in your life who deserve the best!

Price: $90

TRX pro packTRX

Oh, how we love, love, love the TRX. After winning a Fittie, buying my mom one last Christmas and working out on my own regularly, I can’t really imagine my fit life without the TRX. It’s effective, you can take it anywhere, it’s easy to use and it gives you one hell of a workout. What’s not to love? The Pro Pack isn’t cheap, but it’s SO worth it. It’s seriously like having a portable gym!

Best gift for: An exerciser in your life who is ready to takeworkouts to the next functional level.

Price: $189.95

custom-cerealMe and Goji

What’s a better gift than to give someone a chic, extremely nutritious and delicious breakfast every single day? Me and Goji makes a line of custom artisanal cereal, some of which are premixed and some of which you can design yourself, including label art! And these aren’t boring stick-like cereals nor are they unimaginative Fruit Loops. The cereals are nutritional powerhouses featuring ingredients like goji (as you might imagine), chia and flaxseed. I tried the Superfood Sunday mix, and it was perfection. Not to mention that it comes in a super sleek tube, rather than one of those boring boxes. Let’s be honest: I’m totally in love with the entire concept. I’m also totally hinting that someone gets me a year-long membership to the cereal club.

Best for: The healthy foodie or cereal addict in your life!

Price: $25 for a month’s worth of tasty breakfast!

With so many holiday options, tell us: What are you getting the fit people in your life this holiday season? —Jenn

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