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6 Best Workout Songs on Lady Gaga’s Born This Way

born-this-wayFor the last two weeks I’ve driven myself and my husband batty singing “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. (It’s only taken me 40 or so tries to get the fast-talking-rap part down—You’re Lebanese, you’re Orient!) So imagine both of our delights when Gaga’s new album by the same name went on sale, giving me 20 new songs to memorize and repeat ad nauseum!

Okay, so not all 20 are new—a number are remixes—but still, I can start singing about Jesus and Judas and Nebraska (for reals) and stop with the Gaga sexual-preference declarations (No matter gay, straight, or bi, Lesbian, transgendered life!). Ah, Gaga, you love to stir the controversy pot, and I love to listen to your tunes while I’m out for a run. And there are certainly some good ones for a workout!

6 Best Workout Songs on the New Lady Gaga Album

1. Marry the Night. With a pleasant early-90s sound and a dark vibe, this song is fabulous for early in your workout when you’re just getting going.

2. Born This Way. We just had to include it. You know why. (And for the haters, sounding like Madonna is never a bad thing in our workout-music books! Plus, the message of the track rocks—very Glee without the high school.)

3. Judas. The nice techno funktastic beat will get your pace and heart rate up in this track.

4. Scheiβe: She had us at: “If you’re a strong female, you don’t need permission.” Who knew German could be so sexy?

5. Yoü and I: Just making sure you were paying attention. This is a straight-up country song. And not a bad one. Fascinating, Gaga, just fascinating. Yay Nebraska!

6. Americano: Prepare to feel Latin. This had us shaking our maracas and pretending we had a Latin lover. Now that makes a workout go by fast.

Really, there’s not a terrible track on the album, and darn near all of them have a beat you can work out to. Even the slowest track “Bloody Mary” makes for an excellent cool down. So just put your paws up. This Lady Gaga album is worth downloading! —Jenn

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