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What It Means to Be a Fit Bottomed Girl


Kicking it old school. This was the first image on FBG.

Fit Bottomed Girls isn’t just another fitness site. When we set out to create the site three years ago, we had a mission—and a passion for letting women around the world know that their worth was not determined by that number on the scale nor how well they stuck to a diet of deprivation. Nope, self worth and self love—powered by a healthy yet sane diet and regular workouts—was the missing piece of the puzzle to living a truly happy and effing fantastic life. Reflecting back on our last three years, I think we’ve gotten that message across. And, in the process, inspired a lot women to declare their “fit bottomed-ness” proudly—no matter the size or shape of their rear because they understand a pant size isn’t what being an FBG is about. It’s a state of mind—and a choice day after day to respect yourself enough to take care of yourself.

So today, to really celebrate how awesome our readers are, we thought we’d share what being an FBG means to you, in your own words. Which are even more awesome than we could have imagined—ya’ll rock! First up are a few poignant thoughts from our own FBG Tish, who, like many, hasn’t always been a fitness lover. From there, we share a few quotes from social media that we thought deserved a virtual high-five!

FBG Tish’s Take on Being a Fit Bottomed Girl

It’s no secret that I love me some Fit Bottomed Girls and all that they stand for. They’ve turned this self-proclaimed lazy bumpkin into an inspired fitness enthusiast, and that’s saying a lot. It being birthday week and all, I figured now would be as good a time as ever to proclaim my love and admiration for the heart behind the words. FBGs Jenn and Erin are powerful forces of fantastic.

It’s because of them that women and men have a place to go to find fitness goodies. The doors are always open, and you’ll always leave feeling better about yourself—not an easy task. A lot of folks find fitness because they’re sick of their bodies. They hate the way they look…and many other negative reasons. And that’s where the beauty in their hearts come into play.

They help women honor the space their body holds in the world—as well as honoring the strength it takes to move that beauty through the world. It’s for that reason alone that I feel honored to write for them and you all. Happy Birthday FBG from the fit bottom of my heart! —Tish

Tweets That Embrace the FBG Lifestyle

@FBGmartine: I’m an FBG ’cause I got eight hours of sleep and managed a workout this morning!

@KDomonell: Three words: Bulgarian split squats.

@therealmomsofoc: 70lbs down, exercising and getting my bottom back to high school shape after 2 kids, cancer and my recovery.

@La_Suazo: I’m an FBG because I’ve lost 60 lbs, and in 8 weeks will lose the rest! 16lbs to go!!! #ImanFBG

@CaSuPe15: Half marathon training!!! WOOT

@AustenMarie: Because I’m changing my life one day at a time!


Facebook Updates that Show Off a Fit-Bottomed Attitude

Miranda Cole: Lost 25 pounds last year and kept it off!

KellyAnn La Croix: ‘Cause I may not be little, but I am determined to get and stay fit. Whether or not I am a size two isn’t important. I want to be healthy, happy, confident and strong.

Denise Maree Turner: I am a 55-year-old FBG who intends to remain a FBG for at least another 40 years. I still love to dance. I don’t care what anyone thinks. It keeps me fit. It keeps me happy. Let’s dance. 🙂

Melanie Cardell: I ran a tough mudder!

Jacki Klutcharch: I’m working hard to be an FBG, eating right and exercising!

Stephanie Tam: Dancing is staying fit—thats why I’m a FBG.

Victoria Audiss (posted May 16): Today is my birthday, too, and I’m an FBG because it’s the best gift I can give not just me but my kids, too!


Now we turn the question to you: What does being an FBG mean to you? —Jenn

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