★FitStars: Chef Curtis Stone

Curtis-Eating-CerealNow that Bob and I are a little on the fritz philosophically (he’s still cute, there’s no denying that), we’ve been taking a little closer note of other healthy and drool-worthy men of late. Brett Hoebel comes to mind, as does the new Biggest Loser trainer Dolvett Quince. And then there’s another BL star—who has also had appearances on Top Chef Masters, The Apprentice and the  former show Take Home Chef (too many jokes there)—we are oh-so interested in: Chef Curtis Stone. He’s cute, he can cook, and he has an accent. Need we say more?

We recently got to chat Curtis up (squeal!), asking him about his recent partnership with Post Great Grains cereals, getting the inside scoop on The Biggest Loser, hearing some of his best healthy cooking tips and finding out if he’s a boxers or briefs man (we had to). Read on for your Curtis Stone fix! (Oh, and the interview is best read with an Australian accent. Trust us!)

Interview with Chef Curtis Stone

  • FBG: Obviously cereal is great with milk, but what other fun ways can you use cereal in healthy cooking and baking?
  • CS: Healthy cereal is a versatile ingredient. It’s great on top of crisps and cobblers, or you can use it in recipes like muffins and pancakes. I like to choose a cereal that has delicious fruits and nuts in it, like Great Grains.
  • FBG: What’s the best way to eat asparagus that goes beyond just roasting or grilling it?
  • CS: You can use asparagus in so many dishes. Add sliced asparagus to soups and salads or use it in a pesto, omelets or frittatas.
  • FBG: What are your top three healthy eating tips?
  • CS: First, eat a balanced diet. That’s the most important thing. Second, surround yourself with positive temptation, like fruits and veggies. Third, eat a lot of soup. It’s good for you, it’s filling, and if you make it yourself, you’ll know exactly what’s in it.
  • FBG: Now that it’s hot out, is there a light and healthy meal besides just salad that you can recommend that’s family friendly and doesn’t require running the stove much?
  • CS: Grilling outdoors is a great way to feed your family and entertain. In-season veggies like zucchini, peppers and onions get so much flavor from the grill. Your protein tastes delicious with only a few simple garnishes, too.
  • FBG: What’s your favorite gluten-free dish or ingredient?
  • CS: The best way to stay gluten-free is to simply eat lots of fruits and veggies. Keep it balanced by including healthy proteins. If there’s a dietary reason to stay away from gluten, that’s one thing. But remember, carbs can be great!
  • FBG: What’s the one mistake you see those trying to cook healthy dishes make most?
  • CS: I think people use too much oil. You can avoid that by using non-stick cookware.
  • FBG: What’s your favorite workout?
  • CS: My favorite workout is to get out and surf! You’re much more likely to work out when you’re doing an activity you like, whether that’s tennis, hiking or something else.
  • FBG: How has being on The Biggest Loser changed you, be it exercise, eating or cooking?
  • CS: Look, it’s really simple. The Biggest Loser’s biggest lesson is calories in/calories out. You need to be aware of how many calories you’re taking in and how many you’re burning.
  • FBG: And the ultimate question of all: Boxers or briefs?
  • CS: [laughter] Boxers.
  • FBG: Any other thoughts or tips?
  • CS: Balance is the best way to go—balance of different cuisines, ingredients, types of foods. Don’t lock yourself into one thing. The same goes for exercise. Variety is key!

Curtis, we’ll have a bowl of cereal or go for a surf with you any day. Tune in tomorrow when we’ll share one of Chef Curtis Stone’s recipes for muffins! —Jenn

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  1. vicki says:

    I wish manufacturers would start publishing the Glycemic Load or Index of their foods.

  2. Alyssa says:

    I first heard of Curtis Stone when he wrote for “Delicious” magazine. Then he started “Take Home Chef,” and I realized it was filmed at a grocery store I shopped in quite often, so I started looking for camera crews every time I went in. I desperately wanted someone to cook dinner other than me, lol!
    He seems like a really cool guy, and I’m glad he’s having success.