Dark Chocolate Put a Spell on Me

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In college, I got in the unbreakable habit of eating dessert after dinner every day. Now, it’s like oxygen to me—I need something sweet after dinner or I just feel like I’m missing a vital nutrient (good thing we operate on an “everything in moderation” policy, eh?). Thankfully, I made a discovery post-college that saved me from going overboard on cake, cookies and ice cream for the rest of my life: dark chocolate.

Up until a few years ago, I wasn’t a big fan of dark chocolate. But, just like I grew to love raw onions and curry in my “old age,” I have grown to love dark chocolate. So much so that it has become the go-to treat that will take care of my sweet tooth without being a diet disaster. Because of its intense flavor, it only takes a small square (or sometimes two) to really satisfy me. And luckily, I’ve found that letting myself splurge regularly on dark chocolate prevents me from going overboard on other dessert items. Win win!

In addition to being extremely tasty and satisfying, dark chocolate has health benefits that a scoop of ice cream doesn’t. It can give you a caffeine boost if you need it in the afternoon (watch out for those nighttime caffeine boosts though!), and it stimulates endorphin production, which can give you those feelings of pleasure. Plus, its antioxidants are great for reducing cellular damage, not to mention that polyphenols inhibit oxidation of LDL cholesterol for heart health. Talk about a no-guilt treat if you eat it in moderation!

Seriously. If you’re not having a chocolate love affair, you’re missing out! How do you enjoy your dark chocolate? —Erin


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  1. Choosing dark chocolate is a healthy choice. It can satisfy your chocolaty cravings but it includes antioxidants which can promote a healthier life.
    For portion control buy dark chocolate morsels and have about 5. I’m not a calorie counter but letting them individually melt in my mouth can calm my craving.Keep up with all of your great choices.

  2. Looks like little poopies 🙂

  3. Robbie Tubbs says:

    Growing up, Mother said a meal was not complete without dessert. We rarely had cakes or pies. Instead, we had peaches and cottage cheese. If acorn squash was in season, Mother would take out the seeds and add oleo, brown sugar and cinnamon, then bake. If it was really hot, we had jello with fruit cocktail. Desserts don’t have to be empty calories, but delicious and nutritious foods.

  4. Sam says:

    That’s how I lost all my weight – every time I wwanted something fattening, I grabbed a piece of fruit and small square of Dark Chocolate. Perfect to satisfy the craving!

  5. Carla says:

    My dessert addiction is “genetic”. I grew up with sweets in my house all the time. We literally had so many desserts in my house, that they would often actually go bad! I have learned to moderate my desserts, but they are a food group for me. They come in small portions at the end of every lunch and dinner. Otherwise, my mind tells me “you have not eaten yet.” I “trick” myself by eating just one bite size piece of chocolate or 2-3 peanut butter M&M’s/ At night, I eat a small piece of chocolate when the kids go to bed. This habit started when they were babies and my “work day” was over. Now they are teenagers, but I still want my end of the day treat!