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Tempur-Pedic Beds: It’s Just Like the Commercials!


FBG Jenn and pup chillaxing on the TEMPUR-Contour Signature Ergo Adjustable bed.

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We don’t talk a lot about sleep up here on FBG, but let me tell you, getting your zzz’s is super important. Not only does a good night’s rest keep the grouchies away, but it also helps to boost weight loss and improve your performance at the gym. (Not to mention a whole slew of other health benefits.) And, well, it’s hard to get good sleep when you’re on a craptastic mattress. Which is where today’s post comes into play…

We recently began working with Tempur-Pedic to try to—wait for it—GIVE AWAY one of their amazing beds and promote the health-boosting power of a good night’s rest. So over the course of the next four weeks, we’ll be kicking off a sleep challenge and pledge for us all to get better sleep. While we’ll unveil the full details next week (including how you can win a whole freakin’ bed!), we wanted to give you the nitty-gritty on the newest Tempur-Pedic bed that I’ve been happily snoozing on…and lounging on (see photo above)…and working on (it’s so comfy, I’ve busted out the laptop to work on it)…and jumping on (see photo below).

See, the bed in our guest bedroom has pretty much been a joke. A lumpy, uneven, squeaky joke. Even to my dog, who prefers lying on the floor to lying on the bed. But as soon as the new TEMPUR-Contour Signature bed was delivered, it’s like the entire guest bedroom was livened up. (Have you ever seen a happier dog, above? She loves the dang bed.) Supportive yet oh-so soft, you pretty much sink into it. While it’s hard to put into words how it feels, it’s basically like going on vacation every night. It just feels luxurious. Designed for people who prefer a firm to medium-firm sleep surface (me and my hubs!), it also delivers proper alignment and support to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. And let me just say, it works.

Which brings me to my next point. Testing the commercial! You know, the famous one where you drop a bowling ball on one side of the mattress and the glass of wine on the other side doesn’t spill? Classic. Well, I don’t have a bowling ball, but I can jump, and my dog has anxiety. Which I thought was a good equivalent:

The verdict? Dog not bothered (albeit highly entertained by my spaztastic jumping). I can also add that after sleeping on the bed for more than a week with my husband, we slept better than we ever have and didn’t wake each other up nearly as much as we normally do. Oh, and I may “occasionally” sneak up to the guest bedroom to nap…while it feels weird to make our guest bedroom our master, it’s tempting. (Our master mattress is only a few years old and a gift from the in-laws, so it just felt wasteful to toss it…)

Now let’s get to part two of the bed’s awesomeness. The adjustable base! The TEMPUR Advanced Ergo System has, what I like to call, go-go-gadget settings. Seriously. With just the push of a button on a wireless remote, the bed moves up and down, giving you pretty much unlimited head and feet positions. (Kind of like a hospital bed, but actually comfortable.) Plus, it has a head and foot massage rolling-wave feature. So whether you want to sit up to read, elevate your legs after a long run or get a massage, it’s, again, like a vacation every night.

Lastly, we got to try the TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow. OMG, I had no idea pillows could be so awesome. Like, make-all-of-your-friends-lay-their-heads-on-it-when-they-come-over awesome. It’s seriously a life-changer. If you told me two months ago that I’d be telling people that, yes, they should pay more than $100 for a pillow, I’d say you were crazy. But IT’S SERIOUSLY THAT AMAZING. I have no idea how I even slept before it and have since moved them to the master bedroom…so check it out.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Stay tuned next week for details on taking the FBG and Tempur-Pedic Sleep Pledge and how you can win your own TEMPUR-Contour Signature bed to jump on. Just like in the commercials! —Jenn

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  1. Leslie says:

    So this sounds good, but……….. I’m wondering if it’s hot in the summertime? It’s basically a big foam matteress right? I live in the desert of CA and I think this could make me even more uncomfortable because it wouldn’t breathe. Just a thought.

  2. Ashley Cline says:

    I have heard different folks talk about these beds and so far they are all good.

  3. vicki says:

    I live in Los Angeles and I have the same concern as Leslie re: retained heat. However, I’m shopping for a mattress and am still considering Tempurpedic. Do you have any tips on where to get the best prices? Or can Tempurpedic give FBGs a special deal? Inquiring minds want to know…. Thanks!

  4. amy says:

    Vicki beds are very personal and different people like different mattresses. But if you really like the Temperpedic but have a heat issue you might want to try a different type of sheet to help.

    I am glad to know the pillows are that good I have toyed with buying one to test out now I will seriously consider it

  5. Leslie C. says:

    I live in Vermont, where it’s freezing, so warm is good! I’m not trying to bump the other Leslie who left a comment. To the other Leslie, <"I hear your concern because the quality of sleep affects our lives so much!:)"

    My 93-year-old grandmother who is a so active and also as fussy all can be couldn't decide between a Tempur-Pedic mattress and a regular mattress. She actually bought a standard mattress, then changed her mind (after she brought it home.) I don't think I've seen her look more well-rested and content in a long time! I told her this and she said that it must be her new bed.

    I believe her. She changed her mind after seeing a commercial!

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