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Announcing Our Healthy Water Recipe Finalists!

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Move over lemons, there’s a new water recipe (or five) in town! Credit: chad_k

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When we asked readers to submit your favorite water recipes last week for the chance to win a free alkaStream water filtration system (a value of $329), we knew we’d get some good responses. But, dang! Ya’ll are creative. Ginger? Hibiscus flowers? Lemon thyme? If they call people who love food “foodies,” then you guys are wateries! So, without further ado, we’d like to announce our five water-recipe finalists!

The Water Recipe alkaStream Finalists

1. Kellie (Comment No. 18): I love the combination of a fresh slice of ginger and a wedge or two of grapefruit. It’s bright, refreshing and unique. Ginger root will keep for at least a year in the freezer. Just shave off a thin slice to add to your glass. It’s excellent with orange, lime and lemon, too, but grapefruit is my favorite. Yum.

2. Cindy Bearman (Comment No. 20): I add a few dried hibiscus flowers. The water becomes a vibrant color and tastes delicious. Makes me feel like I’m drinking something special! In the summer, I love to puree fresh watermelon, muddle some mint in the bottom of a glass, and top it off with sparkling water. So refreshing!

3. Caroline Powell (Comment No. 21): Water recipe: cucumbers sliced thinly, sliced strawberries, three lavender sprigs, one half of a lemon sliced. I put this in a water pitcher about 30 to 45 minutes before I have guests over. They always love it more than juice or soda!

4. Michelle Shogren (Comment No. 22): Rehydration Surprise: Juice one half of a fresh lime, juice one half of a fresh lemon, five to seven raspberries, one to three mint leaves, ice cubes. Bruise the mint leaves and put in bottom of a tall glass. Add the juice from lemon and lime. Drop in raspberries or berries of your choice. Add ice. Fill to the top with water. This is so fresh and delicious. The mint will make you feel cool, while the citrus gives you a burst of energy. And when you finish the glass, there is fresh fruit that has soaked up a hint of minty lemon flavor that tastes interesting and delicious. Water with a twist! So refreshing :) ENJOY!

5. Merry Graham (Comment No. 23): The most refreshing water comes from mixing a gallon of water with about eight organic rose petals, three springs of lemon thyme and half of a lemon, sliced. Cover and set aside for one  hour before serving on ice!

Now it’s up to you guys to choose a winner! Vote for your favorite healthy water recipe below, and we’ll announce the winner in two weeks. Voting closes Tuesday, November 8, so don’t delay. Remember, the amazing alkaStream water filtration system is up for grabs here!

Can’t see the poll? Click here to tell us what your favorite water recipe is.

After you vote, go ahead and hydrate up with one of these amazing healthy water recipes! Who knew water could be so darn fun?! —Jenn

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    Thanks so much for choosing my refreshing water recipe! Do our friends need to sign up or just click the vote bubble? Thanks!

  2. Kellie says:

    Thanks for picking my Ginger and Grapefruit Water!!

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    They can just click the vote bubble! 🙂

    -FBG Jenn

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