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Introducing the FBGs’ Blogs!

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Hey, I'm not in workout clothes for once! Credit: Drew Ertle Photography

Since its inception, FBG has been a blog. And then when we redesigned two years ago it kind of became a bloggy website (or a blo-site, as I like to inappropriately call it). And now, well, we’re a bona fide website with blogs! So, for those of you who like the tips and the reviews and the recipes, we have that. And for those of you who prefer the personal stories, anecdotes, and inner-FBG musings, we have that, too! And for those of you who like both, well, you’ll be in FBG heaven no matter what you read!

While everything on FBG will always have an encouraging and uplifting tone (and support the FBG mission, what what!), each of our blogs will be a bit more personal and give you a good idea of what goes on behind the scenes at FBG and what happens when the computer monitors are off. Each of the FBG gals—Erin, Tish and Kristen—and I will blog at least once a week about our workouts, our eats (healthy and not), our struggles, our joys…our lives! Each Friday, we also plan to do a fun little feature where one of us each tackles a different question or topic. If you have a blog, feel free to join in the conversation by answering the Question of the Week on your blog (and do post a comment with the link so that we can read what you wrote!).

As you probably already know, I’m the co-founder of Fit Bottomed Girls with Erin, who is my business partner, blogging buddy, “twin” (we’re not really related, but I swear we share a brain) and damn good friend. We started this website three and a half years ago and through a true labor of love have grown it to what you see today. Tish is my best friend since childhood and a dang spunky writer who is totally honest and generous almost to a fault (as you’ll see on her blog). Kristen is the strong type of gal you always want on your side. She’s down to earth, funny and hella-talented both in the writing world and in the triathlon world. All three gals embrace everything it means to be a Fit Bottomed Girl—while telling it like it is.

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Now that you know how this whole website with blogs thing will work, let’s get down to what I’ll be jabbering about each week. After all, this is my blog! Mwahahaha! I’m a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor and love a good, tough workout, so I’ll be taking you on many of my workout adventures be in CrossFit or hippity dippity yoga. Additionally, I love to cook and have become even more of a health foodie of late, so I plan to document my cooking successes and failures. Because my hubby Ryan loves to work out and cook, and my dog Siena loves to go for runs and eat all the goodies we accidentally drop on the floor when cooking, they’ll inevitably have a place in my blog, too. And all of those random thoughts and musings running around my brain, be it in relation to health or not (like my love affair with my French Press coffee or how I name almost all inanimate objects)? Yep, those will probably make it in as well.

So hold on tight, we’re a website with blogs! And we have something to say… —Jenn

FTC disclosure: We often receive products from companies to review. All thoughts and opinions are always entirely our own. Unless otherwise stated, we have received no compensation for our review and the content is purely editorial. Affiliate links may be included. If you purchase something through one of those links we may receive a small commission. Thanks for your support!