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My Achy Breaky Pelvis Update

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I may not feel like a belly dancer, but I feel like I could dance a little! Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

So after dealing with several weeks of pain in my hips and pelvis, I was relieved when I got a few days off from the discomfort every time I moved. Those days have now turned into a little over a week, and while I wouldn’t say I’m in top fighting form, I’m thankfully far from where I was before.

I went in for my standard prenatal doctor visit last week, and the doctor sure enough attributed my pregnancy pain to an overabundance of the relaxin hormone making my pelvic bones unstable. (See, Dr. Google is really good.) I don’t know if the relaxin got to relaxin’, if the baby shifted or if it’s helped that I’ve taken it a bit easy, but I will take any pain-free day I can get. The doctor could really only recommend Tylenol to help with pain if it comes back, but she did recommend I sleep with a body pillow. Which is interesting because I busted out my Snoogle body pillow just last week to see if it would help.

I’ve already written a glowing review of the Snoogle body pillow. But I will say it again: It is fabulous. I have one because I won it in a Twitter contest, but having used it for two pregnancies now, I can say that I would pay every penny of $50 for one.

The pillow is seriously huge, and my husband and I joke that it’s like having another person in bed with us. But it supports my belly, aligns my hips and helps me stay comfortable so that I’m not waking up constantly to shift positions. I’ve been using it with one regular pillow to prop my head up to prevent heartburn, and I’ve been sleeping great—as great as I can with a couple of bathroom breaks and baby breaks, of course.

So did my Snoogle cure symphysis pubic dysfunction? I can’t say for certain, but I can say that I won’t be giving it up until I have a baby in my arms!

Did you use a body pillow during pregnancy? Did it help curb your pain? —Erin

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