This Little Piggy Got Stitches

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Stitches stink.

“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” —Joni Mitchell

I swear I didn’t know how much I’d miss working out until I went under the knife and had a cyst taken out of my foot. I knew I’d be unable to work out for awhile, but it’s been three weeks, and I still have another week and some change before the doctor will release me back into the workout world.

Four stitches and a benign cyst that was growing in my blood vessel…ewwww. I’ve had the darn thing since I started marathon training, but it didn’t start really bothering me until the Dole event. While Jenn was out enjoying the beautiful euphoria of an early morning California run, I was holed up in the hotel room nursing the painful bump on my second right toe.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The next week I visited a foot doctor, found out it was more serious than I had thought, and before I could say “This little piggy went to the market” I had an appointment for surgery.

They put me under to remove Toe-fer (I named the cyst, yes) and put four stitches in that naughty toe. I’ve been hobbling around my home, counting down the days until the stitches come out. I’m glad I did it; don’t get me wrong. I had started to compensate for the pain by walking on the outside of my foot (bad!), so I’m trying to see the bright side of all of this. Not only am I getting my foot and correct step back, but I’ve also learned to appreciate a good sweat even more. I swear, the first day back in the gym is gonna be a killer, but I’ll appreciate every darn sweat bead that rolls down my forehead!

Ever had an injury? How sweet was that first workout afterwards? —Tish


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  1. Kate says:

    Poor you, Tish! Glad you’re on the mend but sorry you’re stuck sitting things out. You could always try for an upper body workout…I’ve seen plenty of people doing their biceps and triceps curls from a chair or using resistance bands. As for that first workout…my injury was nothing like yours, but it was amazing to be able to run again. I only made it two miles but after knowing I couldn’t run at all for 2.5 months, I didn’t care.

  2. Lindy says:

    I broke my leg this summer and while I was recovering I thought about running, like, a million times a day! My first post-break run was 3 and a half months after the “incident”. It wasn’t much, I ran on the short sides of the track and walked on the long sides. I did 5 laps but I had a huge dorky grin on my face the whole time! It felt AMAZING!! That was a month ago now and although I’m still not running very far I appreciate the fact that I’m able to run again soooo much!

    Best of luck with your recovery! Enjoy those workouts when you’re able to get back to them!!

  3. Tracey says:

    I broke my little toe a few years ago and couldn’t take my dance classes (or anything mildly aerobic) for six weeks of pure hell. I was resigned to a cycling class and toning, which for me was boring, boring, boring.

    My first day back in dance was a mix of sweet and awkward; I almost felt like I was out of place which is so not true. By the second class, I got my groove back fully. It’s just weird to not do your favorite workout for so long! It’s like your muscle memory goes down the toilet a bit! LOL

    Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery!