A Body Hangup Turned Right

big foot, size 11, size 10.5,

Me in my Earthies' Barina shoes.

Post toe surgery, all I wore on my foot for a month was a boot…and not a cute boot. So it felt good when I received a pair of Earthies’ Barina shoes to try out. They’re stylish—something I wasn’t able to even think about while hobbling around, but the company boasts that its shoes are made to actually support your feet, as well as make them look snazzy. Well, that’s all my sore little foot needed to hear to feel better!

The minute my foot size went back to normal, I slipped these puppies on my dogs and started prancing around. I’m the first to admit I’ve never been one for form over function. I will never rock heels that hurt, but that doesn’t mean I don’t yearn to find pretty shoes. With these, my feet got to be pretty without taking the hits.

I knew going into that surgery that I’d appreciate a healthy foot when my recovery was over, but I had no idea how much love I’d throw at them. My feet are a part of that magical formula that gets me from here to there. They’re worth spoiling at times and worth honoring. I’m finally appreciative of my big size, too—10.5, sometimes 11, even 12 if they’re running shoes. Took me long enough!

We all have our hangups with our bodies now and again, be it our big feet or our frizzy hair. Have you ever had an injury or other event that pushed that hangup to the side and made you appreciative of it? —Tish


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