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Brett Hoebel Dishes on Biggest Loser, Fat Chef and Boxers vs. Briefs

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Brett Hoebel helps Rocco, a contestant on Fat Chef, lose the weight.

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While The Biggest Loser season 12 was a bit of a train wreck in the trainer department, we were bummed to not see Brett Hoebel come back for season 13. But thankfully, these days you can still get plenty of Brett on the Food Network’s new reality show Fat Chef.

On the show, Brett helps overweight chefs end their abusive relationships with food and regain control of their lives. We recently had the opportunity to talk to Brett—a straight-up Fit Bottomed Dude—about his new gig, his time on The Biggest Loser and more…including whether he’s a boxers or briefs kind of guy. Hehe. You know we had to ask.

Interview with Brett Hoebel

  • FBG:  Why did you want to be a part of Fat Chef?
  • BH: Because the country needs health revolutionaries. The food industry is riddled with unhealthy practices, misinformation and obese chefs who should really be representations of health. My hope was to transform these chefs physically, mentally and emotionally, and have them become role models to activate, educate and motivate Americans across the country.
  • FBG: What was the experience like?
  • BH: Inspiring! When “the light” turns on inside someone and they begin to really change their life, it’s an amazing experience and very, very gratifying. It’s one of the most fulfilling parts of what I do.
  • FBG: Most people know you from your time on The Biggest Loser. How is Fat Chef different from BL? Similar?
  • BH: Very different because this show is “real life,” i.e.—they are accomplishing all the results while at home working 12-hour days, having to balance family, friends, etc…they were not secluded on a “Ranch” where they have 24-hour access to a gym, access to trainers six to seven times a week, all their food paid for and shopped for. It’s similar because they still lose an INCREDIBLE amount of weight in a very short time. They still have to overcome emotional issues that are rooted in their abusive food habits. And they still must go through my grueling training program…there are no shortcuts and no excuses.
  • FBG: Is this show a better fit for you than The Biggest Loser?
  • BH: I think I’ve definitely found my niche of helping very “unhealthy” people transform physically, mentally and emotionally. I think I’m suited for both shows, not one vs. the other. Helping overweight children is next on my list.
  • brett hoebel fat chefFBG: What are your workouts like?
  • BH: You’ll have to do a workout with me! If you ask anyone who has gone through them, they would most likely say very physically and mentally challenging. I believe life begins right outside your comfort zone…and that’s where I like to take people in my workouts.
  • FBG: What’s a regular day of eats for you?
  • BH: Pre workout “greens” juice/shake in the morning loaded with veggie protein and super-foods, egg whites with grilled chicken and veggies post-morning workout, Shakeology whey protein shake/meal replacement snack, salad with grilled salmon for lunch, hummus or raw nuts for afternoon snack, grilled chicken with sweet potato and veggies for dinner.
  • FBG: What’s the No. 1 fitness tip you could give to our readers?
  • BH: It’s not an exercise or a diet…it’s “Walk your talk and live outside your comfort zone.” When you do this, you will build the inner strength needed to endure the physical and mental challenges it takes to change your body and your life. No matter what new piece of exercise equipment or diet fad is en vogue, it’s you and your will that gets it done. End of story.
  • FBG: Boxers or briefs? (We had to ask.)
  • BH: Briefs! Made the change…never going back.
  • FBG: Any other thoughts?
  • BH: I hope America is inspired by the journey these chefs went on. The results they accomplished are extraordinary and took place while living their very busy and stressful lives. The food industry is a difficult place to stay healthy, and I’m very proud and honored to have been a part of what I hope will be a “health revolution.”

Okay, we’re officially smitten. That bit about living outside of your comfort zone? SO true. Love it. Love Mr. Hoebel. —Jenn

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