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Wonder How Many Calories Are Burned in Different Yoga Classes? We Have Answers!

yoga-calories-585If you ask any avid yogi why they love yoga so much, weight-loss and calorie burn would probably be pretty far down the list. While you don’t want to take away from the mind/body connection people flock to yoga to experience — admit it — you are a little curious how many calories your favorite yoga class is scorching. And if you are on a weight-loss plan, being informed on just how many calories you are expending can be the key to your success.

There is no way around it. Yoga is as an amazing full-body workout — but the intensity can vary based on which class you take, from gentle and relaxing Hatha yoga to sweat-dripping-off-your-nose hot Bikram. So which classes burn the most (and the least) amount of calories? The answers may surprise you.

“If the method to test caloric expenditure was only based on heart rate, then Bikram and other hot yoga classes might top the charts as the styles of yoga that burn the most calories,” explains Jill Lawson, founder of Jill Lawson Yoga. “But while a higher heart rate does correlate with a higher calorie burn, other factors can play a role in increased heart rate without the corresponding caloric expenditure.”

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I wear a heart rate monitor, so I can see for me what the real calorie burn is. For the yoga classes I take (typically some sort of flow) I’m lucky to get 200-250 calories out of a class. It’s definitely done for the calorie burn!

    What I get out of it is stretching, flexibility, and an overall sense of calmness and relaxation that I never feel coming out of any other sort of exercise class. Mind-body connection indeed.

  2. D says:

    4 years ago I was hit by a 18 wheeler and messed up my left side of my body. So I am not very flexible in my hips on that side nor my neck (for example I cannot look over my left shoulder) so recently I bought a Wii and I’ve been doing the yoga almost everyday along with my regular boxing and high impact cardio and I have noticed that I am starting to get more flexibility in my hip, so I’m hopeful with a little more work with the yoga, I can get better range. There is a bikram yoga place in town that doesn’t charge much, but I hate humidity so I’m concerned I won’t do well in it.

  3. Li says:

    As an athletic woman, it somewhat surprises me that the yoga class that appeals to me most is a slow paced hatha class. I find the spiritual aspect, and the soothing nature of the class balances my exercise routine which is already heavy in calorie burning pursuits. The flexibility and ease of movement that I have gained helps not only in my other fitness activities, but also in daily life.

  4. jah says:

    I’ve been enjoying hot vinyasa flow classes for 10+ years and I’ve never thought about the calorie burn. For me it’s about the stretch, the strength and the cleansing feeling I get during a hot class. I love it! I need the yoga classes to balance the running and weight-training I do on the other days. If I had to choose one type of exercise it would be yoga.

  5. Cindy says:

    I just recently got into Restorative Yoga after an ovarian cyst left me rather athletically debilitated. Believe it or not, my stress decreased immensely and my ovarian cyst actually shrunk! I couldn’t beleive it. Aside from the fact that I lost some muscle definition due to my weight-lifting and HIIT hiatus, I am totally going to incorporate this into my new workout routine when I get back into the swing of things.

  6. was really shocked to see Vinyasa yoga as the type of yoga that burns the most calories. I assumed it would have been Bikram because you sweat so much in hot yoga. Contrary to popular belief, as we’ve already learned, don’t rely on sweat as a gauge of how intense an exercise is. A combination of heart rate and perceived effort are much better indicators of how hard you are working and how much energy you are expending.

  7. elizabeth.grant@ymail.com says:

    How many calories are burned in 75 min of power yoga?

  8. Kelly says:

    Many Vinyasa flow classes are done in the hot room just like the Bikram style class. So there’s plenty of sweating happebing. I’m so excited to learn that Vinyasa flow is such a calorie burner! It’s become my favorite style after practicing different styles over the last decade. Now I love it even more 😀

  9. Never look down your nose at yoga. It takes some serious fitness and burns so much.

  10. Mike says:

    Regarding the description of what Hatha Yoga is – it completely misses the point of doing yoga for many who practice – to still the body to still the mind, finding peace, relaxation, allowing the body to rejuvenate itself. It is also preparation for meditation.

  11. Shiv kumar says:

    Do you think meditations also helps in burning calories ??

  12. Janice Stephenson says:

    I love yoga cause Ican feel by body getting stronger, my balance better, and my mind more focused.

  13. Former collegiate athlete says:

    I take yoga to burn calories but also to help with my mental health! It is my favorite way to workout I usually try to go at least 2 times a week.

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  17. yes this is true, because yoga give so much energy and calmness.

  18. Elmer says:

    Thanks for the tips.

  19. Sani says:

    I am a regular runner and doing yoga since last 5 months, and I could able to lose a good amount of calories, not sure about the calories how much effective it is, but I become more effective and balance with the help of yoga.

  20. Deano says:

    I LOVE Yoga! I couldn’t imagine a week without it. So many benefits like you say, great post guys 🙂

  21. Has anyone used an HRM doing vinyasa or power yoga? How many calories did it say you burned?

    If you estimate like me, how much do you estimate?

    I am 5’3” and 150 lbs.

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  23. Zoe says:

    Being able to burn calories with help of yoga is double benefit of applying different styles of yoga. I have been doing it for last 4 years and it has helped me to remain fit and healthy.

  24. Clarke says:

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  25. My favourite yoga is burning calories?! I started to do yoga for calmness but it is even better!

  26. Yes i too believe that yoga helps to burn calories and relax my mind i’m also trying to loose my belly fat and gain some extra muscle and yoga is popular in india and my family also suggested me to do yoga.

  27. John says:

    Most of the time i do yoga and other exercises to burn calories.
    Yoga is very important for mentality point of view.
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  37. Pam says:

    I attend yoga class because you become more flexible, strengthen my muscles, and to relieve stress I do yoga about 2x a week, not enough to lose weight if that was my goal. I think yoga is a great addition to any fitness program you participate in, Any calories burned are a big plus because they’re in addition to what you burn with cardio and strength training.

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