Erin’s Weekly Workout Routine

You’ve seen our gym bagsfridges and pantries. So for this round of Question of the Week, we’re talking about what our weekly workout routine is like!


I’ve been pretty candid here and over at Fit Bottomed Mamas about the fact that I didn’t have the most active pregnancy. Or rather, it was active, but it wasn’t filled with traditional workouts. Between the pain, the fatigue and the toddler-chasing, there was just no energy left for getting sweaty. I’m not at all riddled with guilt about taking it easy; I know when I’m being lazy versus when my body needs the break. But now, over a month postpartum, I’m feeling AMAZING. I’ve been approved to resume my normal activities, so I can’t wait to get a routine going. Here’s what I’d love to see happen…

Erin’s Weekly Workout Routine

Monday: Containing the kids lets me get a little exercise—and lets the kids get some fresh air. The big one in the stroller and the little one strapped to me both adds resistance to my walks and lets me have 30 minutes of cardio time walking. Ideally, I’d also throw in 15 minutes of strength during playtime in my new workout space.

Tuesday: I signed up for a 10-week Zumba class, which will start here in a couple of weeks. It’s also within walking distance, so that’ll add a good 15 to 20 extra cardio minutes!

Wednesday: A short walk or park trip with the kiddos; fit in some strength work thanks to a workout DVD or some free weights while the toddler is occupied and the baby hangs out in the swing or bouncer.

Thursday: Maybe some cardio, thanks to dancing, running around the yard, going to the park or a workout DVD. I’d like to try to get some HIIT in my life, too, so maybe some jump rope? Step-ups?

Friday: I’ll try to fill in whatever I didn’t hit during the week. I’ve got some serious Gilad ab DVDs to try and a boatload of untouched DVDs calling my name. And you know how I feel about DVDs

Saturday: A longer workout in the morning while the hubby watches the kiddos. Maybe a jog? Or mowing the lawn. I’m a weirdo who doesn’t mind push-mowing the lawn because it’s great exercise!

Sunday: Rest day. Something active with the fam. Some strength work thanks to laundry.

I know I’ll need lots of flexibility in this schedule because the best laid plans go awry quickly when kids are involved. Workouts get interrupted five minutes in, and I know there will be those sleepless nights that make daytime workouts impossible. But the best thing is that for the first time in MONTHS, I’m excited about exercise. Woot woot!

Do you allow for serious flexibility in your weekly routine? Cobble together workouts in 5-minute chunks? —Erin

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