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She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Erin vs. Workout DVDs

workout dvds

Unless your dog does workout DVDs with you, she may be a distraction! Credit: istolethetv

All of this week, each FBG is focusing in on one aspect of working out and sharing what she loves and doesn’t love so much about it in this special “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” series as part of Love Yo’Self Week. Enjoy!

Dear Workout DVDs,

Oh, Workout DVDs. We go way back. Waaay back. So far back that you used to be called Workout Tapes. I’ve been a fan since my teen years, when my mom and I would use a VCR to record Gilad and Denise Austin on ESPN. You probably don’t even know what a VCR is, you’ve changed so much. But should this long, lasting love affair come to an end? I’ll pull out my She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not daisy to find out.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Workout DVD Pros and Cons

She loves me: You’re convenient! Any time I want to break a sweat, you and your perky trainer are right there to lend a hand!

She loves me not: You’re a little controlling. You don’t let me get out of the house. And any work-at-home mom knows the need to escape from time to time.

She loves me: You’re flexible. From the length of time of a workout to the level I want to work at, you’re truly the master of customization. Unlike some exercise classes where you can get in way over your head!

She loves me not: It’s lonely! I can pretend those fit models are my friends, but they don’t talk back so I can’t commiserate when a workout kicked my abs.

She loves me: You’re usually well thought out and have solid production value. I can usually trust that a lot of brains went into the operation.

She loves me not: The ball gets dropped on occasion, and you let me down with inferior quality or a less-than-fun workout.

She loves me: I get to avoid the rain, the sleet, the snow. Home sweet home is so deliciously simple.

She loves me not: It’s easier to get distracted at home with pets and kids and fires to put out.

She loves me: Whereas a gym offers a limited number of classes, DVD options are endless. I’ve got enough DVDs in my house that I could probably do a different one every day for several months before I had to repeat.

She loves me not: Nothing will pump you up more than being in a fun group class with loud music and some woo-hoos! It’s motivation you just can’t provide.

She loves me: You respect my privacy. When I’m dripping with gnarly sweat, gassy or in extremely compromising positions, the only ones to see me are the ones who have to love me anyway!

Ah, who am I kidding? It’s Valentine’s Day and clearly, love will win out! Although I know I’ve neglected you out of necessity, I’m so excited for the day when we can rekindle our relationship!

Do you love the workout DVD, too? Or do you get bored and need to get out to work out? —Erin

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