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Trying P90X2: Phase Two Down, One To Go…

Kelsey doing a pull-up!

FBG intern and on-again-off-again exerciser Kelsey is trying P90X2, the second version of the super-popular P90X system by Tony Horton. Find out how it’s going below, and follow along with her progress in the coming months here!

Wow! That’s my initial reaction to P90X2 Phase Two. It was a definite challenge, taking me back to what I remember about the original P90X—weights, pull-ups and push-ups galore. All good muscle-building exercises.

Coming off the last phase where I modified several moves, I was determined not to do that as much during Phase Two. And I feel like I succeeded for the most part, but there were times I modified yet still managed to get a good workout in.

This phase worked a little differently than the last one in that there were four workouts that alternated every two weeks (so you did two workouts for two weeks and then two other workouts for two weeks). So instead of Phase One where you were stuck on the same thing for four weeks, it actually mixed up the workouts. I found this nice because I get bored easily, and I knew there was something new around the corner!

The one workout that did continue through Phase Two was Base and Back. It’s a combo of plyometrics and pull-ups. Instead of using resistance bands, which are now too easy for me, for the pull-ups, I used a chair for my weakling self. But I managed to do those pretty well! (See photo for proof.) I could feel myself getting stronger.

p90x2 reviewShoulders and Arms was the first of the four alternating workouts. In this one, I went for the weights to tone my arms versus using the bands, which I think I’ve gotten used to from Phase One. This was one area I really tried to challenge myself. The Chest, Back and Balance workout was also one I tried to do modified pull-ups instead of using resistance bands. I succeeded for the most part with that. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I was impressed with myself for using the weights. I’m not usually a weight lifting kind of gal, but I’m glad I took on the challenge.

The last two weeks of the phase involved the V Sculpt and Chest, Shoulders and Tris workouts. As with the others, I did my darndest to “keep up with the boys” or, in my case, use the correct weight and not modify the moves as much. I definitely stayed pretty stable with my progress in the workouts that lasted two weeks. But there is only so much you can do in two weeks. You would have to keep going with the program to really see how you progress. Ah well, for another day.

Phase Two definitely kicked my butt, but I’m glad I took it by the horns and tackled it as best I could. I must say the alternating workouts helped the phase go by much faster than expected. Now we are on to Phase Three. Hopefully I survive the program and can live to tell about it. So until next time…P90X2 Phase Two complete!

Have you done P90X2? Have a similar experience during Phase Two? Let’s compare notes! —Kelsey



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