Ask the FBGs: What Should I Do Besides Run?

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Hi FBGs,

I am starting to get into running but I have a question…Since you are a runner yourself, what other workouts do you do? Is running sufficient by itself? Or should I do Jillian workouts DVDs and such?



Hi Helen,

Glad to hear you’ve found an exercise to do in addition to your yoga! Any good well-rounded workout plan needs to have three components to it: strength, cardio and flexibility. Now, running covers the cardio dang well. And your yoga? Well, that helps with your flexibility. So, at this point, you just need to add some strength training into your weekly workout routine. You can get strength training by lifting weights at the gym, working out to a strength DVD (they aren’t all as hard as Jillian’s), doing this circuit workout that requires just your body weight or trying this special workout for 2012, which gives you cardio and strength training in just 20 minutes.

Do three types of workouts seem like a lot? Well, it doesn’t have to be. A sample workout schedule could be something like this, where your yoga makes for three easier active-recovery days:

Monday: 30 minutes running
Tuesday: 30 minutes yoga
Wednesday: 30 minutes strength training
Thursday: 30 minutes yoga
Friday: 30 minutes yoga
Saturday: 30 minutes strength training, 30 minutes running or cross-training
Sunday: Rest day

Just remember that no matter how your weekly exercise schedule works, you should have one to two days off a week to just recover and chill. Also, be sure to not lift weights on back-to-back days—and always listen to your body! Follow these general guidelines and you’re less likely to get injured, be stronger overall and even improve your running workouts.

Let us know how it goes, Helen!


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  1. Natalie says:

    Hello from Canada.
    I have been slowly increasing my run lengths for the last six months (never been a runner before). I am now up to 6 miles for my long run each week. I also do yoga and strength (Jillian). The last two weeks my knees have ached after I run and I don’t know why or if this is common. I have not increased intensity or length for about a month now so I don’t understand the sudden protests from my body. Any suggestions?

  2. annie says:

    awesome, thanks for posting this! i’ve been trying to figure out what else to add into my running program, a combo of yoga and strength training looks to be just what i need.

  3. Shannon says:


    Greetings from Canada to you too! Based off my experience, your achy knees are totally common. My best advice is to head to the Running Room and get a foam roller. Google “foam roller exercises” and get ready to feel the burn. Focus on your IT band (which runs along the side of your thigh, from knee to hip) as this area is often responsible for knee pain, regardless of how slowly you build up your mileage. Rolling out your soft tissue with a foam roller is painful at first, but it will make a world of difference on your knees, hips, back, calfs etc. Good luck!!


  4. Meggs says:

    My advice would start off with a question: what are your (fitness) goals?
    Is it to better a PR or run a marathon… Or to have some fun… Or to just switch it up to avoid boredom?
    Once you’ve answered these, the rest follows easily.
    To be a better runner, one must cross train… So yes, strength training comes in here. I’m a big fan of strength training, it has so many many more benefits in the long run as well.
    Otherwise, try out different classes, Zumba, aqua aerobics, maybe some spinning or crossfit…
    Of do all of the above 🙂
    I enjoy doing strength plus cardio focused classes… See what works out for you, what keeps you motivated!