Eat It Up, It’s Time for the 2012 Noshies!

noshiesThis post is part of our FBG Birthday Week celebration! Check out all of the special four-year birthday posts and huge giveaways here!

Yesterday we gave you the 2012 Fitties! And today? Well, it’s time for the healthy food version of that—the Noshies! Now this is the third year we’ve recognized foods and culinary-related books, gizmos, gadgets and peeps for their awesomeness (our first birthday we just looped them all into the Fitties), and we like to think that as we’ve gotten older and wiser (read: eaten more goodies), we’ve made even more informed picks. But as you’ll see, we still have our sense of humor. Eat these up,  yum!

chocolate craving
This chocolate tea deserves a Noshie!

Noshies: Drinks

Best protein powder: You always hear about the importance of having a balance of “carbs, fats and proteins,” but this stuff takes the guess work out of how much of each totally out of the equation. Love!

Best natural protein source that’s not a powder: You can put these in your smoothies because they’re pasteurized! Brill!

Best dessert in a cup: Chocolate tea. Yes, you read that right. And it’s wonderful.

Best bacteria that you actually want to ingest: Whether you’re brave enough to make it yourself or buy it, Kombucha tea is a bit of an acquired taste, but we love it nonetheless.

Best new milk: Original Good Karma Flax Milk, how did it take us so long to find you?

Best water: This water-filtration system takes the bad stuff out, and then puts the good back in!

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