Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules—And How You Can Win a Signed Copy of the Book!

bob harperWe couldn’t do Bob Harper Week without reviewing at least a couple of Bob’s latest projects. And, man, has Bob been busy! Besides his online training club that you saw snippets of yesterday (which we’ll also be reviewing and doing a giveaway of on Friday), Bob wrote a book! The Skinny Rules: The Simple, Nonnegotiable Principles for Getting to Thin is a whole darn-near 300 pages of healthy living and weight-loss advice from a guy who clearly knows his stuff.

On the three-hour-plus flight out to LA to work out with Bob, I simply devoured this book. I read and review a lot of diet books for the site, but this one really stood out—and not just because I’m a touch infatuated with all things Bob. This book was simple and to the point—and yet, without being confusing or overwhelming, it gave real information, research studies and evidence to back up its recommendations. Rarely do I find a book that strikes a balance between being in-depth enough but not too in-depth, so that was super nice. Also, the whole tone of The Skinny Rules is kind of like talking to Bob—some parts are funny, some are motivational, some are serious and some just tell it like it is. Love!

The book is divided into three parts: The Skinny Rules (how to eat), The Skinny Way (meal plans) and The Skinny Tools (recipes and resources). While most diet books have meal plans and recipes, the 20 non-negotiable Skinny Rules are what set this diet book apart. With no ifs, ands and buts, Bob says that if you follow these rules—don’t drink your calories, eat protein at every meal, eat at least 10 meals a week at home, etc.—you will lose weight and keep it off. And for almost all of them, I totally agree. A few of The Skinny Rules made me wrinkle up my nose a bit—namely going to bed slightly hungry and planning one splurge meal a week—but it’s not because I don’t think those things can work; it’s just that they slightly differ from the FBG way of life of all good things in moderation. But ALL of the other rules like eating a good breakfast, getting a handle on your portion sizes and eating apples and berries every single day? Um, yes, yes, YES!

The fit bottomed line: If you love Bob, want to get healthy or have a hunger for eating right, The Skinny Rules is a for-sure read. It’s definitely one I’ll keep on my bookshelf and refer to time and time again. (Even if it is just to gaze at his blue eyes on the cover…)

Want to win a freakin’ SIGNED copy of this book? Share this post in some way—in a Tweet, Facebook update, Pinterest pin, Instagram photo, email, whatever—and then leave a comment with how you shared it and why you love Bob, and we’ll select one lucky U.S. reader to win it in about a week! Good luck, our dear Bob lovers! —Jenn


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  1. I tweeted the giveaway. I love Bob, because his advice is always so easy to follow and common sense!

  2. I pinned this under my Health and Fitness board on Pinterest. I would love to read this book! Bob Harper is one of my faves in the health and fitness world.

  3. Just shared this post on Facebook, Twitter and sent it to my friends and family members who would be interested. I love Bob Harper. He is doing such a great job helping people lose weight. I’ve been watching him since season 1 of BL. When I push myself at that gym I think of Bob. He has inspired me to to finally get involved in the fitness industry. I’m getting certified to be a Spin Instructor this saturday. I’ve been working out for over 14 years now. I’m finally seeing my muscles appear. I was more of a avid runner and lifted here and there but now I’m lifting, spinning, running and take zumba. I love it all and I inspire others to get moving as well. I would love to meet Bob some day so I can thank him for changing peoples lives and being an inspiration to the world.

  4. I shared the post on twitter (under deedeethatsmee). Bob’s been such an inspiration for so many people, especially those that have almost given up. Not sure guys would related to a “skinny” book, but I’d love to read the rules and recipes in it.

  5. Just shared on Pinterest! So far I’m down 28 pounds (since Feb 1), 12 more to go–I’d love to read Bob’s book and learn how to keep the weight off!


    I shared on Twitter! Let me count the ways I love Bob:

    1. He just seems so nice and approachable, but at the same time no-nonsense and tough.
    2. His DVD’s are AMAZING! I can always count on getting a great workout — if I can get through the whole thing.
    3. He’s SMOKING HOT!
    4. He is always smiling and positive.

    I just love him!

  7. I shared this post through email to my mom; We both love The Biggest Loser and the no-nonsense way of Bob Harper. He just makes sense, if you know what I mean. 🙂

  8. Tweeted! I am dying over this Bob Harper week. First thing I do when I get to work (don’t tell my boss). I’d also die if I got a loventoe from Bob written on his book. But even if I dont win… you’re amazing, J! Love being an FBG. Thanks for teaching me! XO 😉

  9. I tweeted the post and have been a huge fan of Bob since season 1 of The Biggest Loser. He clearly knows his stuff and I love that it comes from personal experience.

  10. I am sharing on my facebook because Bob is a no nonsense kind of guy packed with love at the same time! Love him!

  11. I tweeted: @bluetamarai. I like Bob because he doesn’t take himself too seriously and he is in great shape – have to respect a trainer who walks the walk.

  12. I shared with Tish, enough said…ha…..seriously, it comes down to practice what you preach, so the best place for me to speak my mind is at my work gym where all my peeps can hear what Bob is trying to say….bottom line, it’s all about balance, hard work, and dedication, simple as that…..we love ya Bob, keep up the great inspiring work, you are definitely motivating and helping people!

  13. I posted on Facebook “Fit Bottomed Girl says this book rocks”. Actually he is doing the FBG a one-up:

    “Skinny Rules … slightly differ from the FBG way of life of all good things in moderation”

    Not if you think all good things in moderation, including moderation. Love this is what Bob is putting out there.

  14. I pinned the link 🙂 What’s not to love about Bob Harper? I love that he cares about other people and healthy lifestyles.

  15. I emailed to my sister and told her about “The Skinny Rules” … she is just starting her weight loss journey and I think this book would be good for the both of us!

  16. Pinned to Pinterest boards! Besides just being entertaining, I love Bob because he gives common sense advice in simple terms that are easy to follow. No getting long in all the technical mumbo jumbo.

  17. I emailed this to my sister to encourage her to read the book. If I win the autographed copy, it will be my gift to her!

  18. I shared this on Facebook. I love Bob because he is such a compassionate person and is an amazing motivator!

  19. I tweeted. I love Bob because he is a total badass, and he works my muscles like no other!

  20. I pinned it on Pinterest to my fitness board. I love how Bob is tough but he also shows the right amount of compassion and understanding.

  21. I just shared it via email with my sister. I love that he tells it as it is and his writing makes so much sense!

  22. I retweeted the link. (@jsax96). I love Bob Harper and find him very motivational/inspirational. I workout using only his DVDs and the Biggest Loser series:)

  23. Pinned it-love Bob. Love! Have all his DVD’s-I love that he doesn’t try to sugarcoat that losing weight and looking great can be done in 10 mins a day. Yay for for 1 hour workouts-keep em coming Bob!

  24. I Pinned it on Pintrest!!! I like Bob! He alwasys was a motivator for me while watching Biggest Loser. Now that I really need to be a biggest loser I’m looking into his literature for guidance and his work out DVDs!!!!
    Go BoB

  25. I posted on facebook! Bob is amazing and motivating. I can’t forget that he is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  26. I posted about this on facebook. I love Bob because he seems so approachable and kind but can be a hard ass and whip you into shape! Plus he is a hottie!

  27. I just posted this to my Books I’m Going to Read board on Pinterest. I’d love to win this because I love all things Bob and REALLY want this book but live on too tight of a budget to squeeze it in right now (I bought new running shoes this week and maxed out all my spending money for the next few months. Oops.). So pick me! 😀

  28. Just added a post on my site about the giveaway. Also added you to follow. Awesome giveaway – he know’s his stuff. I am crossing my fingers and toes that I win.


  29. Hi, I am just in love with Bob Harper soo much! He is seems like such a great guy and I am so jealous that Jenn got to meet AND workout with him! So lucky 🙂 I seriously can’t go a day without thinking and/or talking about Bob. I am a HUGE fan of him. I would be the happiest girl in the WORLD if I won this book. I probably would cry from being so happy. I love Bob so much. This would be the coolest thing ever if I could win this book. I shared this with my twitter. I have my fingers crossed on this one, I don’t think I wanted anything more than this. I’m smiling just thinking about it. I will even share this book with my family to help them live healthier too. Thank you guys! Sorry if I typed too much I can’t help it. It’s Bob we are talking about here! 🙂

  30. I shared this via twitter. I am Unfamiliar with Bob Harper but his book
    Has been recommended to help me regain control of my weight loss and eating habits.
    I am getting married (1 year from today!) and need some help/ guidance and motivation
    To get me to a healthier place (and help me look my best for my big day!)

  31. I shared on Facebook! I don’t read a lot of ‘diet’ books because most of them are filled with such B.S., but I would really like to get hold of a copy of this one!

  32. I tweeted about Bob’s book. I LOVE Bob because he makes thigs easy to understand. He’s hard when you want to give up, but he’s not degrading like other trainers at times. He switches things up and knows how to get peoples’ bodies to respond when most would have hit a plateau. I LOVE Bob and would love to have another piece to use for my weight loss.

  33. I shared in Twitter, Bob means for me inspiration, motivation and the best thing beleive in me.
    Because I trust in him and make me believe that something is going to work and I am
    finally getting results with his videos all articles I have read from him. Thanks Bob I really appreciate your work!!!

  34. I tweeted, I liked, I +1’d, and I pinned. I love Bob Harper, he is such an inspiration to me. I have been portion controlling and working out lightly and lost 6 pounds already. I definitely could benefit from reading and following a set of skinny rules from Bob. Thanks for the giveaway! I love your blog 🙂

  35. I tweeted! (@kirabea). I love Bob because he is passionate about what he does, and he makes work outs that are challenging but still fun to do! He makes my mornings awesome. 🙂

  36. I tweeted! @26samsam Since I doubt I will ever have the FAB opportunity to meet Bob in person, I would so love to win his signed book!

  37. I have loved Bob for a long time, and I enjoyed this book. His rules are straight forward and make sense. But I take issue with how many times he talked about being “skinny” in the book. Why not use these rules to be healthier and more fit? Yes, if you follow these rules you may lose weight, but if you don’t, you’ll still be healthier than you were before you began applying them. I’d love for them to rename this book The Healthy Rules!

  38. I retweeted. Love Bob. Smart, motivational and cute to boot! Would love a signed copy of his book. Can’t believe you ladies got to WORK OUT with him in person! Jealous 🙂

  39. I shared on Facebook! I adore Bob. For many many reasons. I love how passionate he is for his work. I love his no nonsense approach and honesty. And most importantly I adore that Southern Boy charm. How absolutely adorable is he?

  40. I shared on FB and tweeted it. I LOVE Bob Harper and The Biggest Loser,so I really hope I win. And after I read it, I can share it!!

  41. I love Bob because he is positive and encouraging, yet he really knows how to challenge people and push them to reach their potential. I tweeted, Facebooked, and Pinterested this contest!

  42. Drum roll, please…

    The winner is Jody Dietz, comment #33! Jody, emailing you now to get your address! Congrats and thanks to all who entered to win!

    –FBG Jenn