5 Things Jenn Has Learned Living a Healthy Lifestyle

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Another important life lesson…

As part of our second-annual Back to Basics Week, each FBG is sharing five things living a healthy lifestyle has taught her. Read on for our serious—and fun—life lessons!

Not to get too overly sentimental, but living a healthy lifestyle has pretty much changed everything in my life. It’s brought me joy, amazing opportunities, experiences for personal growth and, yes, even some pain and grossness. But, I wouldn’t change my healthy lifestyle for a thing! Here’s why…

5 Things Living a Healthy Lifestyle Has Taught Me

1. I can always do one more—maybe even two more. Most of the time, it’s not our bodies that limit us from doing more during workouts, it’s our minds. Our minds tell us we’re tired or that we can’t do this or that. But by pushing myself time and time again, I know that when push comes to shove, I usually can do another rep or go just a little bit harder. It’s all about breaking our own self-imposed barriers!

2. There’s power in numbers. Sure, you can get healthy by yourself, but it’s way, way more fun with friends. I couldn’t imagine doing a marathon without Tish nor could I run this site without my fellow FBGs or all of you awesome readers who are here leaving comments every day. Simply stated, living a healthy lifestyle is better with buds. And so is life!

3. It really is about balance. Finding balance is kind of a cliche, but when I’m pushing myself hard enough but not too hard, and I’m getting the right mix of strength, cardio and flexibility training plus rest, everything is good in the world. Turns out, when the rest of my life is balanced—work, relationships, free time, etc.—I feel a lot better as well!

4. You don’t know until you try. Living a healthy lifestyle has taught me to look fear in the eye and then carry on. Afraid of climbing that rope? No matter, go for it. Nervous to try CrossFit? Do it anyway! Unsure about that new healthy recipe? Make it! You really never know until you try, and you just might stumble onto something you absolutely love. After all, there’s no such thing as failure—it’s what you learn and how you grow that matters!

5. The human body is freakin’ amazing. If you stop and listen, your body will tell you exactly what it needs, be it a nap or a run or a piece of apple pie. Intuitive eating and working out has been paramount to my healthy lifestyle, and the lesson has bled over into the rest of my life, as I now use my intuition to help guide me on all my decisions from business to where to go on vacation to even what pair of shoes to wear!

Yes, sometimes getting up early to work out stinks and my grocery bill is a bit more than I’d like it to be, but for me, those life lessons are priceless. And they’ve bled over into my career, my relationships and other areas of my life, making my entire life healthier. You can’t put a pricetag on that, can ya?! I think not.

Tell me, have you learned any of the same life lessons as I have by living a healthy lifestyle? What would you add? —Jenn

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  1. Mind over matter. That’s my mantra. My mind gets in the way all the time, however I definately keep pushing through. I often put myself into a situation so that I won’t be able to quit and to get back and I will have to go “the extra mile”. At which point I realize my body has the power I just sometimes quit mentally to early. I also agree with the fact that friends make it all a little bit easier. The right breakfast always helps me as well.

  2. Keira says:

    I really admired your dedication to living out a healthy lifestyle. Your thoughts and tips are also some of my motivators, I’m still struggling to getting my own healthy lifestyle. But with your inspiring words to never give up and sharing it with friends, puts more fun in my daily sacrifices. Thanks for your optimism!

  3. karin says:

    I like your blogs! Thanks for sharing this.