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Becoming COREgeous With Jill Miller

I’m sure ALL of your girlfriends have mentioned how gorgeous you are, but have any of them ever told you that you were Coregeous? Well if they haven’t, be prepared for the compliments to start pouring in. Jill Miller, creator of Yoga Tune Up, has put together the Coregeous DVD to help overcome abdominal weakness caused by underuse, overtraining, injury and even that stubborn scar tissue. Her seven specialized routines help restore functionality to your torso, ultimately improving the mobility, stability and biomechanics surrounding and supporting your spine and core. Cool!

Miller, whose teaching methods have been applauded by physical therapists and chiropractors alike, has built her practice around three Ps: pain, posture and performance. Hold on, don’t jump the gun! She doesn’t want to put you through pain (or too much of it anyways). Miller actually tries to eradicate the pain, improve your posture and enhance your performance. Her goal is to remodel your body from the inside out and redefine your core. Most of us jump on any DVD bandwagon when the box says, “shredded abs” or “six-pack,” always to be disappointed that we still can’t wash our clothes on our stomach; but worse than our disappointment, most of those exercises pose harm to our muscles, tissues and spine. (Ugh, side note: don’t you hate finding out that what you’ve been doing for so long has actually been hurting you rather than helping you? It’s like finding out that diet food may actually be worse for you than the real thing!—not that I’d know or anything…)

Coregeous, which includes four advancing routines plus three specialty tubular core activation segments, takes place in a warm home setting, giving off the vibe that Jill, herself, came to hang out in your living room. What I like so much about this DVD is that I not only get to learn moves and exercises to fix the problems in my core, but also that Jill takes the time to teach me what my body is actually doing. Although words such a “psoas” and “intercostals” may have you saying, “whosa, whatsa, where?” Jill will teach you all you need to know in regards to what you’re moving, how you’re going to move it, and where it is located, helping you to get that infamous mind-muscle connection.

The first four segments help to iron out the kinks in your birthday suit, then strengthen and stretch:

Core Re-Form: A massage! Who doesn’t love one of those? Core Reform uses the Yoga Tune Up massage balls to loosen up all the knots and trigger points along your spine.

Get COREganized: With the use of your yoga block, you will establish proper spinal alignment and breathing patterns while beginning to test your core stability.

InCOREporate: Builds strength in your spinal muscles and overall lower back. Jill puts a backwards twist on the plank, and encourages you to get your tango on. Don’t forget: the core isn’t just what you see in the mirror; it goes all the way around…including your back!

Get COREgeous: Finally—what we’ve been waiting for! COREgeous takes all you’ve learned from the prior three segments and challenges you by using the foundation of functionality you’ve created. You’ll need a physio ball for this segment, and here is my warning: These exercises are some of the hardest I’ve ever done! You’ll significantly challenge your stability, but once you’ve conquered it, you’ll be feeling proud and COREgeous.

It’s amazing what you can do on a stability ball when you have a strong, healthy core.

The final three segments, which revolve around specialty Tubular Core activation, teach you how to not only breathe correctly while connecting your mind to the muscles in your torso, but also will massage any tension that may be prohibiting you from growing and strengthening your core. Being able to control the tissues and muscles in our stomach should be as easy as moving our fingers; it’s just a matter of teaching your mind to control what your body does.

Using inhales and exhales, Jill teaches you one of the most incredible stomach rolls I’ve ever seen. If it wasn’t for all the other great features on this DVD, I’d probably get COREgeous just so I could learn the Nauli. The Nauli is a lateral-rolling movement…think of the last time you saw a guy lift up his shirt and do the stomach roll…yeah, the thought kind of made me cringe, too. But what if you could do that sideways? That’s the Nauli and it’s cool!

FBG Rating (Out of 5):
Instruction: ★★★★★
Long-Term Likeability: ★★★
Music: ★★★
Fun Factor: ★★★
Meets Expectations: ★★★★
Overall: ★★★1/2

Fit Bottomed Line: This DVD is for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. As I like to say, “everyone has to start somewhere,” and COREgeous does that. You should be able to do all these exercises in your own home, and if you don’t own any of the Yoga Tune Up equipment don’t fret; a tennis ball, rolled up towel and book should do the trick. This DVD will help you grow and strengthen from the inside out—because isn’t it what is on the inside that counts?

What core exercises do you do that keep your spine, muscles and tissues healthy?–Raquel

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  1. Debbie E. says:

    Still use Jill’s Yoga Tune Up balls. I’ll have to check this DVD out too, especially if it calls for the balls! I also like that it’s for all levels and doesn’t use too much equipment. It looks relaxing too!

  2. Flynn says:

    I totally agree; Jill Miller is an anatomy and kinesiology guru! And its so true “everyone has to start somewhere” and that Jill Miller’s DVDs, including this one, have a range of levels and exercises that are brilliant in reducing pain and enhancing posture and performance for everyone. As a yoga teacher, lawyer, athlete, and a person who sits in chairs and walks a lot, this DVD is such a gift, and it showcases how great Jill Miller and her techniques (and those fabulous tune up balls) are, from self-massage to yoga techniques to stress release to strengthening and so much more. Thanks for the review!

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