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It’s a Foodie Paradise, Mon

We talk about “all good things in moderation” a lot here on FBG, but what exactly does that look like in a day? And—perhaps more interestingly—what does it look like when you’re on vacation…at an all-inclusive resort? Well, that’s what I thought I’d share with you today! You already heard about my workouts in Jamaica, so now it’s time to look at some of my eats that were definitely memorable.

First, let’s talk about how I’d start my morning every single day on vacay: with a cup of Blue Mountain coffee, which is the best cup of Joe I’ve ever had. Even considering my beloved French Press. It’s rich, dark and just sooo chocolaty.

After that, my husband and I took advantage of some of the fancier options available at the resort. Like smoked salmon and capers alongside bagels. (The tomato was hella fresh, too.)

And a mimosa (or two). Note, this happened after my workout. Hey, at least there’s OJ in my refueling efforts…

Generally, this was enough food to get us through to lunch without a snack of any kind. Lunch was usually from the resort’s main buffet, which had sooo many options, some healthy, some not. I went with the healthy ones more often than not, making sure I got in lots of veggies. Here’s pretty much what my plate looked like every day for lunch—a salad, some protein, a regional veggie dish and some fruit. Probably in the form of a daiquiri (which, at Breezes Grand Negril, they make with real fruit, not syrup). Yum.


If we got a little peckish in the late afternoon (especially if we were having a late fancy dinner), we’d pick up one of these Jamaican beef or veggie “patties” from the beach bar. Pretty much greasy street food that tastes like a mix between a burrito and an empanada, they were pretty darn awesome. And filling. Definitely a vacation treat.


Some afternoons, we’d also enjoy some tea either in our room or in the hotel lobby, where they also served little treats like cookies and mini pies. I just feel so proper drinking afternoon tea. Pinkies up!

For dinner, we’d hit up one of the resort’s restaurants, which cover a variety of cuisine: Italian, French, American and Japanese. Here’s a pic from dinner at the hibachi grill, where I had shrimp, beef, veggies and some sushi! Plus, we had good company—that’s Gary and Ricardo from the resort on the left (our hosts), and then Fitz (fellow blogger) on the right.


There was also a Jamaican restaurant on the grounds that I LOVED. It was outdoors and had lots of Jamaican dishes to try. I recommend the jerk lamb chops; they’re amazing. Also, be sure to try the bammy! Steamed or fried (you can see it both ways below), it’s a little chewy and starchy but tasty.

In addition to our culinary adventures on the resort, we also had a few off the resort. We hired a driver to show us some of the local action in Negril, and he took us to the market he goes to, which was full of Jamaican fruits and vegetables and meat. Not to mention dogs and goats who just roam around eating this and that. We saw and tried fruits ackee, coolie plum and—my favorite—guinep. Check out the beauty!

There—without a single tourist in sight besides us—was also lots of jerk chicken being sold. It smelled fantastic. We were in the car when I saw this one and didn’t have time to stop. Sooo wish we had!


And last but not least, I’d be remiss to not mention the pure beauty of Jamaica. Amazing fruit trees were everywhere in Negril, and between the mountains, the cliffs, the breathtakingly blue water, the rum (you knew I’d have to mention that, right?!)  and the hospitality and friendliness of the Jamaicans, it’s just an amazing place. I mean, just look at this sugar cane field. It just doesn’t get any more beautiful than that.

My only question is, when do I get to go back for more Jamaican food adventures? And how can I perfect my own jerk chicken at home until then? —Jenn

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