Can’t Stop Mindless Snacking? This Friday Fit Tip Is for You!

MindlessEatingIt happens to the best of us—especially this time of year when there are so many yummy things around and so much pressure at parties and gatherings to splurge—but do you have a habit of overeating? Eating when you’re not hungry? Consider yourself an emotional eater? Or simply seem to eat too much without even realizing it until the bag of pretzels or chips is totally gone?

First, don’t beat yourself up. Second, check out this super easy way to begin eating according to your true hunger. It’s our Friday Fit Tip of the week, and the best part? It’s so simple that you can start doing it today. If fact, you can do it at your next meal or the next time you reach for a snack! (And, please, don’t mind my crazy face in the thumbnail below. Ya’ll know how I get…)

Game to try it? Let us know how it goes! —Jenn


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