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Just How Sturdy Are Sturdy Girl Sports’ Bras and Capris? A Review!

SturdyGirlSo here’s the rub: Sometimes we want to review stuff but just can’t properly because we don’t have—ahem—the assets. (Both Erin and Tish have lamented not having a whole lot up top, and neither Kristen nor I are overly busty to properly test a sports bra that specializes in keeping big boobies supported.) But we still want to give ya’ll the nitty-gritty on apparel because we know a lot of you are looking for THE perfect sports bra. That’s why we—yet again—hit up Jodi, a dear friend of FBG, for this Sturdy Girl Sports review! Read on for her thoughts on the Sturdy Girl Sports Santa Monica Bra and La Jolla Capri.

Sturdy Girl Sports Santa Monica Bra

First, let’s talk about the pros of the Santa Monica Bra ($64), and Jodi had a lot of them! (All in her own words…)

“First of all, the print on this bra is really cute! All of my other sports bras are solid color. Not that bras are worn to be visible, but let’s be honest, your sports bra is going to show through at some point. Why not have a cute pattern or color?

I LOVE that the bra is a T-back style. So many bras made for larger-busted women are not, which makes it difficult to wear under sport tanks (I prefer wearing a tank rather than a T-shirt when exercising). This bra is more stable than others and might be my only T-back style bra that really supports my curves. The best part of this bra is that it has a true NO-BOUNCE effect. It is one of the only bras I have ever run in that truly does not bounce whatsoever. I am fully compressed and not in an uncomfortable way. I have honestly never felt so supported, and the shoulder straps have small padding so they don’t dig into my shoulders and back.”

And, next, the cons:

“You have to pull it over your head. This is the first pullover bra I’ve worn that does not have some type of hook/closure or other way to loosen the back area before pulling it over your head. This might not be an issue for smaller busted ladies, but being a 34 DD, this is a lot of material that I have to get pulled over my breasts! Because there are no hooks, this bra is really difficult to get on and off. It comes with a one-page instruction manual of how to put it on and off. This sheet was really helpful and necessary to get into the bra properly. The instructions remind you that the bra will stretch the more you wear it, which it does. The first few times are the most difficult to put on… but now I am a pro. However, getting it off remains a challenge. When I am sweaty and shaky (especially after a hard workout), it is really tough to get this bra over my head. I have had to ask for assistance with removal multiple times.

The padding on this bra is also a bit more than I usually prefer. When you are this large, you don’t want any additional help to look larger. However, once the bra was on, it really didn’t make me look any larger than I already am, and the extra padding helps when I am cold (i.e. You can’t see that I am cold).”

Overall, she says that she wishes there was an easier way to get it off, “but it is worth the struggle and ‘wiggle maneuver’ to wear it. Because of the amazing support of this bra, it is truly my go-to bra for basically every activity.” That’s a pretty big endorsement!

We love the purple band of color on these Sturdy Girl Sports capris, too!

Sturdy Girl Sports La Jolla Capri

Jodi also had the chance to pair that sports bra with Sturdy Girl Sports La Jolla Capri ($58). And just like the weather in La Jolla, Calif. (Has anyone been there? It’s GORGEOUS.), these capris were pretty close to perfection. And cute!

“These capris are great! I love the material, and the quality is really nice. I really like the thick waistband, and there are even little silicone grippers on the inside of the waistband to prevent the pants from riding up or down. These are very helpful. I have run in these, did a Spin class, yoga class and just worked out at the gym. They are very universal and hold up great. I generally steer away from tight leggings or capris as I have larger hips, but these are very flattering.”

A big thanks to Jodi for helping us out with this review! Jodi, you just might be getting something extra special in the mail soon… Anyone else fallen in love with a Sturdy Girl Sports bra? Another brand? Share your experience in the comments! —Jenn

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  1. Fitz says:

    Great job Jodi!

  2. FBG Tish says:

    I’m going to send this to every “lucky” lady I know!

  3. Karen says:

    looks interesting. I don’t see a hyperlink to the Sturdy Girl website to check out the styles

  4. Jily says:

    Best sports bra made for running and other high impact sports. It was a little hard to get on and off at first, but I got used to it fast and now it is easy. I finally found the right bra and I love it!

  5. A good bra is a very important thing when making sports. It holds your breast and doesn’t let it move when jogging. This is always my problem.

  6. Violette says:

    Get back to me when they make a DDD.

  7. Debbie says:

    I am a huge fan of Study Girl. I have one Santa Monica bra and one Miami bra. I was blessed (34DD) and have tried all the different bras out there. I did the 2 bra scenario until I found the ‘flak jacket’ bra that I wore through my pregnancies and nursing.
    I discovered Sturdy Girl and have been extremely happy with them. I don’t get hot spots underneath from sweat and rub because there is no movement on the band. The wiggle to get it on and off does require a little bit of manuvering but is it worth it for the support it provides. They also hold up well over time. I recently purchased a Dallas performance top and love it even more. I feel like I will actually be able to wear just a sports bra in the summer time and still feel like I am covered.
    you can find them at sturdygirlsports.com

  8. Veronica says:

    Sturdy Girl is not available where I live, but I found the Ultimate Run Bra from ShockAbsorber. It goes up to 38F (I have 36DD I think) and my boobs does not move when I run. There are two fastenings in the back and it forms sort of a T. I can not live without it, it’s the only sports bra I have found that I can run in.

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