TurboFire: The Not-So-Firey Phase One Start


After finishing P90X2 last year, contributing writer Kelsey was up for a new challenge: TurboFire! Follow her progress monthly as she goes through this super popular program by Chalene Johnson. Today’s post looks at how and why she started TurboFire and how the first month is going thus far!

My journey with TurboFire started off a little rocky. The two guys who did P90X2 with me and agreed to do this TurboFire program with me bailed because they thought it would be too girlie. (Men…eye ROLL.) So, I recruited a co-worker, Bernadette, and a friend of mine, Laura, whom I thought might enjoy the program. I was anxious to try out this TurboFire business because I just came off a marathon relay and realized I need to do something besides running.

For the program, we all have our own goals, which is cool. Bernadette and I are going to keep track of our measurements in the waist and thighs throughout the program. (Wish us luck on that one!) She is also going to incorporate pieces of the meal plan into her everyday eating—I’ll let you know how that goes for her. Laura is just trying to get in shape again and improve her lifestyle for the healthier.

And so far, TurboFire—at least the first month-long phase I’ve completed—has gone pretty well. Each week, TurboFire tells you exactly which DVD workout, or “class” to do (kind of like she recorded a giant group ex class just for you!). Each class works different parts of the body. Some include Fire 45 Class, Core 20 and Stretch 40 Class. My personal favorites are Tone 30 and Sculpt 30—and I like that Chalene incorporates strength training into the workouts, as well as stretching, which is always important. Overall, all the classes are good workouts and certainly keep you moving the whole time. Chalene tries to motivate the class and you at home. For me, she is a little too cheerleader-like. I’m just not that peppy, I guess. But I know there are so many others out there who love her!

See? Strength training is fun!

See? Strength training is fun!

As we got more into TurboFire, we quickly realized it would be a doozie to keep up with and learn. Chalene moves really fast and can be hard to follow. She combines dance moves, cardio and high-intensity training in the first phase. For some of the workouts, she does Fire Drills, which are short high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that have you moving fast for a minute or two and then recovering for the same amount of time.

One really awesome element she does offer on the DVDs is the “New to Class” piece, which really helps newbies get the moves down. We tried to do this one time and it took a while, but if you are totally new to the program or exercise in general, it’s a good place to start.

Now that the first phase is completed, I will admit that my measurements haven’t moved much at all, and neither have Bernadette’s. I’m sure some of it has to do with the holiday season—with family and friends in town, it’s not always easy to stay motivated and on top of working out and eating right. The next round though, I have told myself that I am going to give the next phase a little more effort and fewer distractions and excuses.

My goal for TurboFire Phase Two is to better my workouts and maybe lose an inch or so on my measurements. Here’s to hoping it goes well! Any advice from those who have been there? —Kelsey

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  1. Holly says:

    Hi! I started my journey with Turbofire on Dec 17th! I am in week 5 and totally addicted! I usually fail at this choreographed fitness stuff, but I can do this no prob!
    I have lost 6 inches from my wait, thats right 6 INCHES! and 2 from my hips in 5 short weeks I have LOST THE MUFFIN TOP! I feel liberated and even tho the scale has yet to budge, I feel I am making great strides in achieving my fitness goals! Stick with it!

  2. Deb E. says:

    That’s great Holly! I haven’t started Turbofire yet. It was a new purchase last month and I was doing mostly barre/ballet and found I needed strength routines that were fun. I’m hoping to build some muscle and gain stamina too. This will be motivating for me!

  3. Kelsey says:

    I LOVEEE TurboFire! It’s amazing.