Do Workout Headbands Stay on Your Noggin?

Do workout headbands stay put on your head or slip off after a few minutes? Credit: lululemon athletica
Do workout headbands stay put on your head or slip off after a few minutes? Credit: lululemon athletica

Earlier in the week, I lamented my workout headbands’ not-so-great staying power. While I know I can’t be the only one with an oddly shaped, itty-bitty head that workout headbands don’t seem to like, I also know that there are plenty of you lucky ladies who can rock workout headbands of all shapes, sizes and styles. (And, yeah, I’m totally jealous. So much fashion freedom!) So, let’s put this heady topic to a poll, shall we?

And keep the convo going by sharing what your favorite workout headbands are (or aren’t!) in the comments! —Jenn

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  1. The Save Your Do GymWrap is honestly the best discovery of last year. Not only does it stay firmly on my head, but it pulls the sweat away from my hairline while I work out! Check it out at and thank me later! 🙂

  2. I recently purchased 8 BondiBand headbands. They are moisture wicking, come in wide or regular width, and dozens of colors/designs. They are one size fits most and they stay on my head. One thing I did do to make them fit better was have a friend who sews shorten them by an inch. Now they fit snugly like I like them. It makes a big difference when trying to preserve a hairdo and workout regularly like I do (6 x’s a week)

  3. I have BondiBand headbands as well and I can’t keep them on. Maybe I need to shorten them. I sweat a lot and the bondi band also can’t keep up at all. 5 minutes and it is soaked.

  4. I recently purchased a headband from They have a lot of cute colors, and I’ve had no slippage problems. I’d say I have a pretty normal sized head, so I’m not sure how it would work for everyone, but I like it!

  5. I used to wear one for a short time, but it felt like it was always squeezing my brain too much. Headache! It help keep the hair outta my face though.

  6. Lululemon’s Bang Buster is the only thing that will stay on my head! I recently got bangs and needed something to pull them back during workouts so I bought 2 of these and I LOVE them. In fact, I am wearing it right now because I didn’t feel like doing my hair today…

  7. i have a big head. i know i do. nothing works. and i’ve tried several listed in the comments here and then some. none.

  8. I use those thin elastic headbands and stick about 5 bobby pins in there, too. without the hair pins, everything falls out within 3 minutes.

  9. I have not yet had any problems with a few sizes of Sweaty Bands. That velvet backing is totally key. Other stretchy headbands from the store, like Goody, always slowly slide off the back shortly after I start moving. I try to push them all the way forward behind my ears, base of my hairline, but they all pop off the back!

  10. The only ones that stay on my head are the ribbon ones with a velvet backing. Those spandex ones shoot right off the back of my head!