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Ask the FBGs: What If I Don’t Want to ‘Keep a Lid on the Junk in the Trunk?’

We’re featuring an Ask the FBGs post, where readers like you ask the FBGs for advice. Nothing is off limits, although we do prefer that it’s fitness or nutrition related, so send your undying health questions to AsktheFBGs@fitbottomedgirls.comYou just might see them posted on the site in the future! 


Hi FBGs!

I just came across your page while looking at reviews for the 30-Day Shred, and I found a lot of things I like. I jumped right on board, looking at your blogs and gear but here’s a question for ya…

I LOVE my curvy shape, and I’m working on getting back into shape right now, but what if I don’t want to keep a lid on the junk in my trunk!? What if I don’t wanna lose my butt? How can I keep it toned and plump? Any suggestions are appreciated. 😉



Hi Tierney!

Hehe—we love the question! Our tagline gets misinterpreted all the time to mean that we don’t like a round booty, but we do! We love booties in every way that they come, and think that women should love what their mamas gave ’em. And getting fit or in shape shouldn’t be about losing the junk entirely (hence “keeping a lid” not “getting rid”); it’s more about working what you got and making it stronger and fitter. Making it the best version of your booty as nature intended!

So, with that said, here are a few links/moves you might dig to get your booty even stronger and more fantastic.

Hooray for fit booties of all shapes and sizes!!!

—The FBGs

So let’s hear it: how would you describe your booty? And, no matter its shape or size, what do you love about it? —Jenn

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