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Jay Bird BlueBuds X: Quite Possibly the Coolest Earbuds, Ever

earbuds-585I know I’m like waaay behind the times here, but this Bluetooth stuff? Really cool. Like, really, really cool. Just last month I was geeking over this portable stereo, and today I am SUPER geeking out at these Jay Bird BlueBuds X headphones. Like, they are blowing my mind. We get pitched earbuds all the time—and they all claim to fit our freakishly shaped ears. But rarely do they do that and provide a really good listening, next-level jamming experience. Until now. (And just to be clear, Jay Bird didn’t pay me a thing to say all this although they did send us a couple of sets of headphones to try—these are my honest-to-goodness thoughts on what I tried!)

The BlueBuds X earbuds are freakin’ amazing. And amazing in ways I didn’t even know I needed. First, these are wireless and can be worn over or under the ear. Second, there are all kinds of little add-ons and take-offs to customize the earbuds to exactly fit your ears, which I loved. (I found earbud happiness with the smallest pieces—that’s probably not surprising.) Third, these will play for up to a solid eight hours, meaning that even the most diehard of exercisers will only need to recharge every week or so for workouts.

Fourth, the sound is fantastic. I’m by no means a sound/music snob in that regard, but even my little ears could tell that the quality of tunes was far better than usual. Fifth, they have a lifetime warranty against sweat. And last but not least: these don’t tire your ears out. Yes, that sounds weird, but do you ever go for a long run and by the end, your ears ache a little, even if you didn’t have the sound up loud? Jay Bird says that’s because most earbuds have white noise going on in them. But, these? A “clean audio experience.”

So, yeah, I want to buy stock in these. They aren’t cheap at $170 a pair, but holy crap, can you hear and feel the difference. I have used these while listening to podcasts and tunes, and there’s no going back for me. Heck, last time I traveled I made SURE to pack these (note cute little case above). They were great on the plane!

Let’s talk earbuds. Have a favorite pair? Will you pay more for better sound quality and no wires? —Jenn

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