Are Zippearz the Best Ear Buds for Working Out? We Try Them!

ZippearzLong, long ago, Erin once wrote “I have freakishly small ears.” While I do not have freakishly small ears, there have been times when my iPod ear buds just wouldn’t stay in place and turned a pretty uneventful workout into a battle royale with my music gear. (I can only imagine my fellow exercisers’ thoughts when I was cursing at seemingly nothing.) So when Zippearz (I know, hip name) wondered if we wanted to try its new ear buds, calling them the “best ear buds for working out,” we jumped. I mean, we love our iPods but there’s no doubt that those ear buds were designed for sitting—not power walking or running.

First off, let me say that the Zippearz are funky, which I enjoy. White with bright green and adorned with what I’m calling “horns” (see them? The pointy nubs just across from the bud?), they’re a little more of a fashion statement than your usual ear buds. Not to mention that they come with an “ear loop” (shown top left) that you have the option to use to help keep the buds in place no matter how intense a workout you’re doing. With different-sized ear bud covers to fit ears of all sizes, they really do allow you to customize your ear-bud experience.

While I found the customizable ear bud sizes to be insanely helpful at fitting my ear just right, I think I’m now the one with freakishly odd-shaped ears because I could not get the ear loop to fit right and stay in place (which is pretty much the opposite of its intended purpose). Neither could my husband, but maybe that’s just because freakish ear people are attracted to other freakish ear people? Regardless, I loved the ear buds on their own and found them far superior to your standard iPod ear buds.

The real star of the Zippearz show though (again, besides that crazy-cool name)? Their hoodie! Insanely comfortable for lounging and with a place to run your ear bud wire directly through to your ear holes, it’s always on the back of my chair in case I get cold or need some musical inspiration. Order it in a size larger than you wear—promise you won’t be disappointed! —Jenn



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  1. I’m doing a giveaway on my blog right now for a pair of Zippearz! 🙂