Just Eat It!

If you’re even remotely on the same goofy wavelength as I am, then you’re currently singing “Just eat it,” at the top of your lungs to the tune of “Just Beat It” by MJ. You’re welcome.
Being that I work from home full-time, my dietary choices can become quite stagnant. I’m known for eating whatever’s easiest to grab from the fridge. This can be good and bad. If we happen to have naughty things in the fridge, then they’re fair game—but I’m pretty good about keeping the pantry spiffy for just that reason.
Much like Jenn, I will tear up some leftovers. The work day I’m about to share with you is no different. I wake up about 30 minutes before I have to log in for work each day, so my breakfasts usually consist of easy; and easy is usually a protein smoothie. I’ve recently found out whey protein and my skin don’t like each other too much, so I’ve switched it up and started using dairy-free, plant-based protein mixes. They make a world of difference! I’m a fan of half a banana to give the drink a tad more smoothness. (If I’m low on bananas, I’ll use an avocado. Works pretty darn awesome, too!)
what I ate for a day, smoothie breakfast
While the protein definitely gives me some umph and helps me focus, I still need a snack within two hours. I’m a huge fan of cherries, so when I saw that they’re finally back on the supermarket shelves, I did a happy dance.
what i ate for a day, cherries
Lunch was all about the leftovers from the night before, and by this point, I’m totally Starvin’ Marvin for some meat, so I grabbed the leftover kabobs out of the fridge and went to town. We had marinated the chicken in a rosemary-lemon concoction that turned out to be delicious and then some. The pineapple, peppers, red onion and sweet potato were just icing on the cake at that point. The salad consisted of romaine, kidney beans, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, cherry tomatoes and my homemade dressing (basil, olive oil, balsamic, garlic and lemon). Leftovers aren’t so bad when you can feast.

what I ate for a day, kabobs, chicken

I busted out the crock pot for dinner. There’s just something absolutely great about slow-cooking food. It’s super easy and yummy. For this round, I went for a vegetable stew with some marinated meat I picked up from Trader Joe’s. I plopped in some vegetable broth, the meat, zucchini, squash, carrots and purple potatoes and waited seven whole hours for the magic to happen. It never looks beautiful, but it tastes scrumdiddlyumptious.
what i ate for a day, crockpot
As a fun snack after dinner I grabbed my new favorite munchie: Roasted Coconut Chips from TJ’s. These things are addictive as all get out! I love all things coconut!
what I ate for a day, coconut chips
As for beverages, it was water all day. That’s the best part of working from home. It makes it really hard to cheat and drink the naughty stuff when you don’ t have the naughty stuff in your home. See how that clever trick works?
What about you? When home do you find yourself eating worse or better? —Tish

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