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Dr. Lisa Yoga Blast Workout DVD Review: More Like Fun Dance Blast!

Dr. Lisa Yoga Blast

Dance with Dr. Lisa!

If you’re like me (and, hey, it’s me FBG intern Maria again!), then sometimes working out can seem more like a chore than anything else—and chores are easy to procrastinate and put off. Getting in shape and being a healthier you is hard if you don’t have a workout routine that fits who you are. So figuring out what you really love to do and making it a workout is a great thing to discover. I have always loved to dance, and even though I know dancing is a sure-fire way to burn some calories, I never considered making it my own personal workout. That was until I tried Dr. Lisa Yoga Blast.

Dr. Lisa Yoga Blast is led by—you guessed it!—Dr. Lisa of The Doctors TV show and her trainer Elise Joan. The DVD consists of three great 20-minute workouts that focus on building strength, working on flexibility, and most importantly (to me that is!) some fun dance moves. Surprisingly, there’s not really that much yoga in any of them—or at least not as much as you’d expect with the words “Yoga Blast” in the title. At first I was wary of doing all three workouts—Cardio, Strength and Power Stretch—back to back, but once I was done with the first one, I had so much fun that I continued on and did the next two workouts!

Cardio focuses mostly on dance moves with a little yoga. In this section, you spend most of your time on your feet and moving, but a few times you get on the floor and do some standard downward facing dogs, as well as plank. Other than that, the entire Cardio workout is based on moves that Elise made fun for Dr. Lisa due to Lisa’s love of dancing. One of my favorite moves is the ballerina squat, where you stand and raise one leg then cross the raised leg behind the other (so your leg is about two to three feet past the other) and then put your hands together (using a claw-like grip to pull your two arms apart) and then squat. Cardio was easily my favorite part of the entire workout DVD. (Total surprise!)

In Strength, you do different kinds of barre-style moves with a few toning yoga poses. One of my favorite moves from the section was the deep lunge while holding on to a chair—while shaking your booty at the same time. Dr. Lisa mentioned that this move was an example of something you could do anytime, and she was right! Last night while I was cooking and waiting for the oven to preheat, I stood at my kitchen table and did some lunges that brought on a burn but didn’t leave me feeling like I needed to pass out.

In Power Stretch, Dr. Lisa and Elise use basic stretches and yoga moves to work your muscles and stretch your body in places you might not even know stretch! Power Stretch also has some fun hip-hop moves that get your heartbeat going without losing your breath. (Hallelujah!) And you spend a lot of time on your yoga mat, making sure that every muscle in your body gets the attention it deserves. At one point when we were on the ground in pigeon pose, I felt a pull in my middle back that I had never felt before! Shocking to say the least, but kind of fun trying to figure out if I had ever felt certain muscles stretch before. Even though Power Stretch was a great experience, it was probably my least favorite of the three sections—you’re just not as active in this section as the other ones.

With all the dancing, you would think the workout DVD would have some good jams to groove to, but unfortunately there is not much music in the DVD. For now, it was great because I could concentrate on the instruction, but I can see it becoming a bit of a boring problem once I did the DVD a few more times. An easy solution for this and, really, any other workout DVD? Find your favorite tunes to rock with and turn the volume on the TV down. It might take a while to find music that exactly fits the tempo of the workout, but that’s just more practice for you! (For fun ideas on what to play click here.)

Two days ago I went for a walk and the first thing I noticed was that my muscles didn’t start out with as much resistance as they had for the previous week. Sure, the name is a little misleading, but for this beginner who likes to dance, this was a great DVD that I will continue to mix into my new workout schedule. Cheers, Dr. Lisa!

FBG Rating (Out of 5)
Instruction: ★★★
Long-Term Likeability: ★★★★★
Music: ★★
Fun Factor: ★★★★★
Meets Expectations: ★★★★★
Overall: ★★★★

Fit Bottomed Line: If you’re a beginner looking for a workout DVD that emphasizes feeling stronger, becoming more flexible, being more energetic and dancing, then this is the workout for you.

I loved this workout DVD and plan to do it once a week while continuing my other exercise. What about you? Have you found a workout routine that fits who YOU are? —Maria

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