Ola! Granola Review: The Good, the Bad and the Crunchy

For this Ola! Granola review, we’re having our summer intern Maria take over! And Maria was ready to take on the challenge into the fantastic world of taste-testing granola! —Jenn


No Nut Vanilla

Ola! Granola No Nut Vanilla has a indescribable burst of vanilla, or maybe something else which I can’t quite but my finger on. It carries a slight kick of fiber in it (Hey some people like the fiber taste—just not me!) and a sweet taste of brown sugar. (Yum for one and delicious for all!) No Nut Vanilla, ironically enough since it doesn’t have nuts like the others, has a much more crunchy texture to it than the Vanilla Almond or Cranberry Orange Pecan. Although it was my least favorite of the three Ola! Granolas I tried, No Nut Vanilla did rock with some vanilla soy milk. A few raisins on top really turned it into a fun breakfast that was an easy and quick morning fix.

Vanilla Almond

Ola! Granola Vanilla Almond was my second favorite kind I tried. With a sweet hint of vanilla added to the yummy almond taste, this granola is the bomb. It is the least chewy of the three and has a nice smooth texture to it. Although it is not quite as flavorful as Cranberry Orange Pecan, it has a stronger boost of yumminess to it than the No Nut Vanilla. If you love vanilla soy milk, you will definitely enjoy this treat, which also rocks when mixed in with OIKOS Greek Yogurt—especially the OIKOS Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom! A wonderful combo…

Cranberry Orange Pecan

Cranberry Orange Pecan is a rocking granola that has definitely made it on my grocery list! My first taste was, like, WOW. I am a lover of cranberries and Craisins, and if you like Starbucks’ cranberry orange pastries (unfortunately, a Christmas-season-only item), this is the snack for you. The pecans are amazing and taste like they have been baked in dark brown sugar. The granola itself tastes similar to No Nut Vanilla and Vanilla Almond, but the added ingredients to the mixture take it to the top of the taste-testing charts. This granola does not need anything else to make it kick some taste-bud butt, however it is pretty awesomely flavorful when sprinkled on top of a scoop of frozen yogurt. Oh, yeah.
Overall, Ola! Granola makes a pretty good snack and even a meal. Pick these up at your local Whole Foods or online. Amazon sells 9-ounce bags for $5.89, which although is a little pricey for such a small amount, has a whole bunch of flavor that is definitely worth trying. With a clean ingredient list, you’ll love how all-natural it is. Just be mindful of portion sizes; it’s easy to eat a whole package in one sitting!
Do you like granola? What are a few of your favorite flavors? —Maria

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