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Good Earth Teas: Sweet, Spicy, Different!

Always looking for the next cool thing—and always game to try a new fun flavor of anything, including tea!—we simply couldn’t resist trying Good Earth tea when boxes arrived here at Fit Bottomed Eats. With no sugar, artificial colors or preservatives, MSG or soy, they certainly got our attention. And the flavors: Original Sweet & Spicy, Cocoa Tango, and Sweetly Twisted? Well, it had us heating up the tea kettle in a hurry!
And, guys, this ain’t your usual cup of tea. The ingredients list tells you that real quick. Cocoa Tango probably got our attention most of all, listing chicory root, chili peppers, rose petals and monk fruit! Seriously.
And just like the last time we taste-tested teas, we set our cups up for an epic tea taste-a-thon. Or, you know, at least a 30-minute tasting adventure. Here are the tea cups, awaiting their hot fate…
And then the brewing begins…just look at those colors!
And these are definitely unique teas. They’re gorgeous in the cup, and you just feel like you’re brewing up a decadent treat. Sweet, spicy and totally different than what you’re used to in a “cup o’ tea,” these kind of blew our minds. More dessert than your typical tea, these are certainly one of a kind. They kind of throw your idea of “tea” out the window and replace it with a sweet drink that’s more akin to a cider or a hot chocolate than anything else.
Original Sweet & Spicy was my favorite of the batch as it was the least sweet, but it still had a robust cinnamon and slightly orange flavor. The Sweetly Twisted was more floral with hibiscus and blackberry in black tea, but it was also a bit citrus-y and pretty sweet. Too sweet for me, in fact, although I’ve never been one for sweet tea in any version. (So take my criticism with a grain of salt.) The Cocoa Tango was definitely the standout taste-wise of the three. Black tea with a nice kick from chili peppers and cardamom paired with chocolaty goodness and a sweet aftertaste, it really was a kind of a sexy tea. One that left you saying, “Ooh, that was spicy.” Sexiness aside, I still found it to be a touch too sweet to be anything other than dessert. But, again, I’m weird about sweet teas.
I also tried these cold—as Good Earth says to enjoy them both hot and cold. And cold, they were just about the same. I preferred Original Sweet & Spicy and Cocoa Tango hot, while the chill did make me like Sweetly Twisted a touch more. And I imagine that these would be a sweet and refreshing treat on a hot summer day, when you’re wanting to stay hydrated but another glass of water just sounds boring.
So yeah, these were too sweet to be my “cup of tea,” (Har! Har!), but they are worth trying if you don’t mind a sweet cup and are looking to shake your tea repertoire up—or are looking for a fun low-cal sweet treat or drink. They’re certainly deserving of a sip!
What are your thoughts on sweet tea? Ever tried any of these Good Earth flavors? —Jenn

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