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How to Infuse Vodka With Fruit — And Anything Really!

As Karen wrote last week, it’s certainly the time of year for the fruit. And while she’s had a foodie good time making and gobbling up fruit cobbler, I’ve gone a different route with my fruit. A more adult route. A more, well, just take a look…
Yep. After a year of saying that I was going to infuse vodka with fruit, I finally did it. And now I’m wondering what took me so long. Infusing vodka with fruit is ridiculously easy to do, and the results are beyond delicious. I began my how-to-infuse-vodka-with-fruit adventure with pineapple. From everything I’ve read online, pineapple is one of the most common to infuse vodka with because it imparts so much darn flavor and has a natural sweetness that lends itself well to being broken down by vodka. But, as I learned, you can get SUPER creative when it comes to infusing vodka. The sky — or your fridge’s contents — is the limit!

How to Infuse Vodka With Fruit

First, grab yourself a well cleaned Mason Jar or two. (I put mine through the sanitize cycle of the dishwasher.)
Then, chop up your fruit du jour, being sure to remove any cores, seeds, and leaving a decent amount of surface area for the vodka to get to.
Place fruit in your Mason Jar. (See, ridiculously simple.)
Pour in your vodka…I went with Skyy Vodka — not too pricey, but not too cheap tasting. (I’ll soon be trying rum and tequilla, too! But vodka is a great liquor to start with as it’s a clean-tasting base.)
Put the lid on it. Admire your awesomeness.
Lastly, place it in a dark, cool spot and let it sit for a week or two. Shake it daily and taste it every few days. Once the taste is right to you, it’s time to strain! I used a large colander to get the pineapple chunks out, and then ran the infused vodka through a fine-mesh strainer a time or two to get any residual pulp out. Note: Your fruit will be SUPER boozy. Like frat party boozy. I decided to freeze the fruit to use as drunken ice cubes in future cocktail concoctions or to serve at tailgate parties. (It’ll be like the new Jell-O shot!)
I poured my pineapple-infused vodka back in a freshly cleaned Mason Jar and popped it into the fridge until it was cocktail time. Meaning, about 20 minutes later.
For this martini, I simply took a couple ounces of my pineapple-infused vodka and shook it in a martini shaker with ice, a little sugar and a sprig or two of mint from my herb garden. It was so refreshing and delicious. A touch sweet, very strong (be warned: you are drinking straight vodka…) with that lovely flavor of pineapple, it was the perfect summer cocktail.

More Ideas for Infusing Vodka With Fruit

And I felt so smug about my new fruit-infused-vodka-making abilities! Like I was a high-class bartender looking to change the world of cocktails forever! And so I decided to keep infusing. Infuse all the things!
With boozy frozen strawberries as ice cubes in a martini! (Note this martini’s ingredients are just the strawberry-infused vodka!)
And Bing cherries! One with a big ol’ piece of fresh ginger in it, and one without. I’ve only tried the plain cherry one so far, but the results were AMAZINGLY delicious.
And soon … very soon … I’ll be doing blueberries and then getting into more savory pursuits like lemon with rosemary and beets (of course!), along with any other summer fruits that strike my vodka-infusing fancy. Cheers!
Have you ever infused vodka with fruits or other flavors before? What should I try infusing next? —Jenn

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