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Beered Out? A Cranberry Margarita Recipe to Get You Through Summer

Once Christmas has passed and the frivolity of the New Year has dwindled, the whining starts and I begin to dream of warmer days. Ahhh, cloudless skies, the feel of the sun on your skin and an ice-cold beer — nothing beats summer. That is, until August hits — now it’s just plain hot, and I am tired of the relentless heat, sick of dry, dusty air and simply can’t stomach one more brewski that has turned lukewarm before it can be finished. What’s a girl to do for alcoholic refreshment?
My answer drifted up from south of the border in a most unexpected form — true blue agave tequila! Not the burn your throat tequila slammers from college days, but the premium spirit made from 100 percent agave with no added sugar or caramel color.
Top-shelf tequilas are smooth, clean and when consumed moderately won’t leave you with hazy memories you would rather forget. Less expensive brands use 51 percent agave and 49 percent cane sugar alcohol. Look for 100 percent agave on the label. A couple of decent brands that might bend but won’t break the bank are Avion Silver and barrel aged 1800 Reposado.
Beat the heat with a fun twist on the national drink of Mexico and shake up a cranberry margarita. It’s the best of both worlds or, in this case, the best of both seasons! This icy cocktail will make you think of brisk winter weather, where once again, you will bitch about the short, cold days and long for the heat of summer.

The Cranarita (Cranberry Margarita) Recipe

3 oz 100 percent blue agave tequila
3 oz cranberry juice
2 oz  Triple Sec
1 oz  lime juice
1. Combine all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and add ice. Shake until blended, pour into ice-filled glass and garnish with cranberries and lime.
Frozen or on the rocks, you can’t beat a trip to Margaritaville. Do you have a favorite ‘rita recipe to share? —Karen

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