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Besties and Bachelorette Buds

A couple weeks ago my best woman of honor (most know her as Jenn, your handy-dandy CEO of all things Fit Bottomed) came into town to shower me with bachelorette fun. She came in earlier than all the other girls, which gave us a chance to catch up. Catching up in my world requires a bit of foodie magic. I love sharing my new L.A. food finds with her. My latest local gem is a quaint breakfast shop called Aroma. Breakfast is such a hard meal for me being that I get super duper nauseated when I have eggs, so I love all of the flavorful vegan options the restaurant offers.
… And there are options. So many lovely options! Jenn definitely had on her game face when she saw all the delicious combinations she could concoct.

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You’ll find goodies everywhere you look. Jenn found these joyful caramels that are gluten-free and non-GMO. Made from goat milk, these tiny delectables packed some seriously unique caramel flavor.
My meal, by the way, was delicious. I ate the whole kit and caboodle. My vegan breakfast consisted of sauteed spinach, black beans, onions, broccoli and vegan mozzarella cheese. So good! If I were a judge on Chopped, I’d say there were “elevated flavors.” Lots of love went into that dish. I crave it still.
When more girls arrived later in the day, we hit up one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in the valley: Mexicali. It’s all about the infused tequila, folks. The girls were leery to try a drink that only consisted of tequila and fruits (well, except Jenn who does that kind of thing at home on the regular), but something magical happens when they infuse their tequila. The sour tequila-y taste disappears, and you’re left with this awesome (and not too sweet) cocktail that is THE perfect beverage to sip on a pleasant summer day in L.A.
Alcohol was definitely the theme for the weekend. After we all got back to my place and got settled (this is all pre-bachelorette party, mind you), we decided to attempt some cocktails. I had been dying to try VeeV Sustainable Acai Liqueur, so I picked up a sample bottle and went to work making a Jade Fox. It was delicious. Definitely going to start throwing that recipe in my dinner-date menus. It had kiwis in it for Pete’s sake!
It was a week filled with lots of flavor, experimentation and fun … basically the perfect recipe for a life well lived.
What was your latest city adventure? Have an experimental cocktail success story you’d like to share? I love adventurous foodies! —Tish

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