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Girly Gloves for Lifting Heavy Weights


G-Loves weight-lifting gloves are cute and functional!

Confession: My husband’s hands are softer than mine.

Confession No. 2: It’s not really fair to compare my hands to my husband’s, as he has a level of hand smoothness that is unparalleled. No matter what sorts of yard work or house construction projects he gets himself into, his hands are like a baby’s butt — and I know baby butts. I’m convinced that he’s doing some sort of paraffin treatment on his lunch breaks. What I’m saying is that my hands aren’t winning softness awards, and my hubby makes much fun of me for that. So when G-Loves hit me up to try out their feminine-yet-effective lifting gloves, I was all in.

The weight-lifting gloves are made of lightweight Neoprene to breathe, wick moisture and contour to your hand. The no-slip grip gives you traction to improve your workouts, all while preventing hand fatigue and calluses. The cropped gloves let your fingertips breathe (and play with your apps!), and the open-knuckle design lets you wear your ring and prevents your hands from feeling claustrophobic. They also protect your hands from germs at the gym, and they are washable, so you can wash said germs away (just use a little soap and hang to dry).

If you’re a gym fashionista, you can also match your gloves to any and all of your workout outfits. There are solids with various trims, animal prints, camouflage, you name it. If you want to stand out, there are seriously fun color combinations and prints. If you want to blend in or are less flashy, there is camouflage (ha) and several different all-black options. There are also options with lace trim. Ooh la la!

My G-Loves fit like a glove (har har), and they were really comfortable, even though I’m not at all used to wearing gloves for workouts. They certainly protected my hands from calluses and fatigue during some of my favorites, like the rowing machine (always kills my hands!) and the assisted pull-up machine. I probably wouldn’t use them if I was just going to grab a dumbbell for a couple of moves, but for lifting-intensive days or days I know I’ll be rowing or hitting several machines, I’m all over these hand protectors. You can even use them if you’re doing yoga — especially handy if you’re without a mat.

At $45 they’re not cheap, but if  you’re in the market for some girly lifting gloves, G-Loves may be right up your alley!

Do you wear gloves when lifting? Who else’s hands aren’t winning softness contests? —Erin

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  1. Vox says:

    I love these! I have been looking for some super cute weight-lifting gloves. I have been getting callouses from not using anything on the pull downs I do daily. Thanks for sharing some girly options.

  2. Great Article ! my liking towards gloves never ends, by the way Nice efforts keep it up

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