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Diary of a Wimpy Girl — Who Overcame!

It’s You Can Do It Week here on FBG, so we thought it would be fun for each FBG to share a little something we overcame, conquered or faced — plus a haiku (or two). Hopefully our stories inspire you to try something new, face fears and, generally, just GO FOR IT!


Yes, I was once THE wimpiest girl I knew. Not too long ago, I was the girl who would start the warm-up exercise and start huffing and puffing. I was the girl who couldn’t walk/hike up a hill without complaining to anyone who would listen that my lungs felt like they were tearing and bleeding. (I’m quite dramatic.)

How did I conquer my weaknesses? By promising myself three things: I promised to be consistent, stick to good endurance workouts and find a way of eating that would work for my gut and my sanity.

Consistency was my first obstacle. I used to be the queen of excuses. “It’s Monday. Mondays are just too terrible and hard on the brain. I deserve a lazy day.” Then Wednesday had an excuse. “I’m sore.” And excuse after excuse would happen. When I asked my trainer/fiance how to eradicate my sluggish energy levels, and he prescribed consistent workouts, I knew I had to throw all my excuses to the curb. I now work out five times a week unless something crazy comes up that just can’t be controlled (laziness does not count!). I keep moving! Why? Because my strong man guru knows what he’s talking about, and I trust him.

My second obstacle was my least favorite. Building up your endurance takes gangsta mind-pushing. You have to really super charge. I had to convince myself that all the hard work would pay off — and to just jump rope when he told me to. I had to sprint when he told me to do that, too!

My third and final obstacle took the longest. I had to figure out my diet; what I could and couldn’t eat and what foods were making me feel like crap. This took research, as well as some trial and error. I alkalined and juiced. I eliminated certain foods, one by one, until I got to where I am now: a dairy-, gluten- and sugar-free gal. When I stay away from foods containing that stuff, I feel better. I have more energy, less brain fog — not to mention a much flatter tummy. (Abs happen because of good nutrition, after all!)

Three big challenges that I overcame … It sounds so simple; three actions on a list. Check ’em off and keep it moving, but those obstacles were boulders of stubbornness that were keeping me from feeling awesome. I’m so proud of myself that I, too, created a haiku. We’re all poets that didn’t know it, after all.

Three obstacles won
I have energy and fun!
I beez a bad ass

We’ve asked it before and I’ll ask it again: What obstacles did you challenge and win? Bad-ass minds want to know. —Tish

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