Superfoods We Love: A Superfruit Cocktail!

Happy Superfoods Week! In celebration, we’re sharing our favorite superfoods — or, in this case, drinks! Our odes to these yummy eats and drinks will hopefully encourage you to try some new uber healthy one (or ignite a deeper love of your fave superfoods)!
cocktailsuperfoodA cocktail that involves the magic of acai … a brilliant angel had to have come up with that one. A couple of months ago I tried VeeV, a superfood liqueur, and I fell in love. I’ve been experimenting with different recipes lately, and when I stumbled up one for a Jade Fox on the VeeV website that involved kiwi (my favorite fruit), it was like the clouds parted and trumpets sounded.
VeeV is 100 percent natural and only 60 calories per serving, with no added sugars or artificial flavors. Beyond the nutritional information, it’s just tasty to boot. I’m not gangster enough to drink it straight though. I love playing mixologist and attempting new and tasty cocktails for my guests and fiance to try. Everyone was a little skeptical to try a “healthy” cocktail, but the skepticism died quickly after they took their first sips. The VeeV is sweet, but mixed with the sake it’s pretty much the perfect balance of sweet, but not “Hello, my teeth hurt” sweet.

The Jade Fox Recipe

Makes one tasty superfood cocktail. Courtesy of VeeV.
1 oz VeeV
1 oz sake (I used a Trader Joe’s brand)
Splash of organic apple juice
Splash of simple syrup (could leave this out if you like less-sweet drinks)
2 1/4 inch slices of peeled kiwi
Splash of club soda
Veev Acai Spirits
1. Mix up in a martini shaker with ice, strain, garnish with kiwi and drink up!
It was an easy drink to make actually and even easier to guzzle down! Have you tried VeeV or any other liqueurs based on superfoods yet? —Tish

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