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I recently shared my first Tabata workout and then some follow-up tips for Tabata first-timers. One of those tips was to use an app to help you out with your Tabata timing because you do not want to be worrying about counting or timing anything when you’re pushing yourself to your limit. Eight sets of something seems easy enough to keep track of, but when you’re sweating and panting and shaking from muscle fatigue, trust me, you’ll find yourself in a sort of workout amnesia by set five or six!

After hearing about my first Tabata workout, sent me a four-minute song for my next workout. It’s pretty genius and even better than listening for a whistle to blow on a timer. The music times out the Tabata intervals, so you can rock out while you sweat without worrying about timers at all. The sample I tried was fun, and a coach counts you down to begin and tells you when to go, although you do have the option of music only without the coach. I liked the coach telling me when to stop and go, though, and the music was definitely fast-paced and fun.

So what workout did I do to test the tunes? I did each of the below moves for four minutes each.

Tabata to Tunes Workout

  1. Step-ups
  2. Plank
  3. Squat jumps
  4. Jump rope (faux)

Again, on paper, doesn’t it seem so simple and like a no-big-deal workout? But it’s tough, especially those squat jumps. The music helped make the already quick intervals seem to go faster, which is always welcome in a tough workout! Hopefully I won’t be as sore this time around. If you’re a Tabata lover, check out They’ve got an entire album of timed Tabata music available on iTunes in styles from hip-hop to country rock and metal.

Anyone done a Tabata workout lately? What moves can I steal? —Erin


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  1. Hi Erin. Nice nob getting that Tabata workout in! Yup, Tabata training sure is tough, but effective. You may also like our Tabata Coach album, which has very motivating music, and the option for coaching by a star trainer from Shape magazine, Jessica Smith. Check it out (PM me for a free promo link):

  2. Hi Erin
    My trainer had my sister and I do 8mins with 2 sets and 3-4 exercises in each set and I think music would be great you definitely get in a amnesiac state where you are trembling after 20second 10 seconds 20 seconds
    We did mountain climbers, suspense rows, squats, h2h kettle bells, planks, Russian twists, and shoulder push-ups
    I have never guzzled so much water in such a short period of time