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Boing! Boing! We Try Nordic Walking With BungyPump

bungy-pumpSo the Swedes have been doing a fun new workout lately; one that’s now making its way to the U.S. One that looks like walking or hiking, but has an added twist to it. A bungy twist, if you will. Instead of us describing it to you, we might as well just show you how Nordic walking is done.

It doesn’t look like much more than just walking with normal hiking poles does it? But, according to BungyPump, the company that sent us a pair of its walking poles to try, when using BungyPump your calorie burn goes up 77 percent compared to regular walking. A fun fact that has led to it being one of the tools trainers use on the Swedish edition of The Biggest Loser.

Tish and I tried these walking poles when we were out at Palm Springs for her bachelorette party (told ya it was a healthy time!), and they are fun. As you walk with them, they kind of spring up, adding a little boing! boing! (totally a technical term) to your step and workout. And because you’re engaging your arms more (the poles have a little weight to them) — and the fact that the poles give you some resistance that your body has to work to overcome — it does take a walking workout up a notch. Unlike traditional hiking poles that are designed to give you more stability, when you’re Nordic walking you actually engage your core more with built-in suspension and make for a more functional workout. Plus, you can’t really stroll with them — when you’re using them, you definitely have a natural tendency to walk quickly. The BungyPump is comfy to hold and is adjustable so that you can set it up for your height.

Although BungyPump says these are great for any type of person or goal, we think these are best suited to beginners, seniors, those limited to low-impact workouts, and those working on a large weight-loss goal. The poles go for about $130-$160 for a pair, so they’re not cheap, but Nordic walking is a great low-impact activity that you can do anywhere. And while we haven’t seen many people in our neighborhoods or parks rocking these out, maybe with more time, this Swedish workout will become all the rage.

Boing! Boing! Have you ever tried the BungyPump or a similar type Nordic walking pole? What was your experience? —Jenn

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