Walking Workout DVD Head-to-Head: Walking for Weight Loss, Wellness & Energy vs. Belly Blasting Walk


Doing a review for walking inside is difficult. I have spent 25 years doing my only walking outside in the fresh air, and I am sure many of you readers have been doing it even longer. But Jessica Smith and Leslie Sansone make the idea of walking inside kind of fun. Plus, with indoor walking you’re free of the heat and the bugs (hopefully anyway). See which one we like best in this special walking workout DVD face-off!

Walking for Weight Loss Wellness and Energy

In Jessica Smith’s Walking for Weight Loss, Wellness & Energy there are four parts: a Warm-Up (5 minutes), a High Energy Walk (30 minutes), a Power Walk (30 minutes) and a Cool Down (5 minutes). The Warm-Up is your standard walking in place, and the Power Walk and High Energy Walk segments are pretty similar but more intense, as they both have you walking in place for most of the time with added, and a little more complicated, leg and arm movements. Jessica has you do a lot of hip shaking (now that I can get into!) while maintaining a squat position (oh, the fire in my thighs). One of the few moves that my body simply would not comply with were the complicated jumping jacks, where you use your arms in a climbing motion and double tap your feet.

The music changes about four times in each segment, so there is no repetitive tune to get sick of, which is nice. My favorite was the Latin song that comes up in the second half of the third segment where you get to move and groove more freely. During the Latin song, you’ll do a lot of shimmy moves and add a little hips while you’re walking (which is never a bad thing).

One downside to this walking workout DVD though is that some of the foot moves are complicated. I can dance like no other and make up dance moves on the spot, but it takes me awhile to catch on to fancy footwork in workout videos. I actually had to rewind so many times that I was approximately seven minutes behind schedule just to get the moves down! One upside to Jessica Smith’s video though was that there were three different people doing three different levels of difficulty for each move — totally awesome because you can pick what workout level is best for you.

FBG Rating (Out of 5)
Instruction: ★★★★
Long-Term Likeability: ★
Music: ★★★★
Fun Factor: ★★
Meets Expectations: ★★
Overall: ★★★

Leslie Sansone’s Just Walk: Belly Blasting Walk

Leslie Sansone’s Just Walk: Belly Blasting Walk is different, as it includes the cool-down and warm up in the actual workouts, which include the “2 Fast Mile” and two separate targeted sessions that you do on the floor. The floor sessions are pretty standard, but it was nice getting on the floor for a minute to have a chance to relax, or so I thought. In this portion, you spend your time holding certain positions, like on your stomach with your legs and arms in the air (full Superman), which was much harder for me than I was expecting. (Shocker!)

The music in this workout has a good rhythm that is easy to up with, which is good because the entire 2 Fast Mile segment is based on the amount of steps you take, which has to be to the rhythm of the music. If you get off rhythm for any length of time, most likely you will not reach the two-mile marker. You start with four basic steps — a knee lift, kicks, sides-steps and squats — and build from there. About halfway through the first mile, the moves become a little more intense. For example, instead of doing simple side-steps, you end up doing double side-steps that move very quickly to get your heart rate up. My favorite moves were the twists. There are a few different types of twists you do: jog up two steps and then twist two and jog back, as well as twisting to each side and then back. At one point, you even just twist in place for awhile. At first the twisting in place was killer on my calves, but I have been doing this video five times a week for the past month and my calves are now rock hard (awesome for my summer shorts and dresses).

There are some definite pros to this walking DVD. In the beginning of the workout, Leslie takes the time to stop and show you each move you will be doing ahead of time so that you don’t have to stop during your cardio to figure out a move (I didn’t want my heart rate to go down again just because I am a Clumsy Cathy!). One downside though is that there are not that many modifications shown. Leslie only has one walker, Brianna, show a modified move once. Instead of doing a leg swing, where you swing out your leg and the minute it comes back you swing out you other leg, Brianna shows a simple side-step. Showing only one modification was a bummer, but luckily all the moves are easy enough to do that you don’t really need modifications unless you have physical limitations. If you do have physical limitations, than you should consult your physician before beginning this workout because although the moves are simple and fun, you want to avoid doing any strenuous moves that might further hinder your workout abilities.

FBG Rating (Out of 5)
Instruction: ★★★★
Long-Term Likeability: ★★★★
Music: ★★
Fun Factor: ★★★
Meets Expectations: ★★★★
Overall: ★★★★

Fit Bottomed line: Just Walk is more of a workout for people who want a simple, basic cardio workout (and can hold a beat). Walking for Weight Loss, Wellness & Energy seemed to be more targeted to a younger demographic — so if you are in the 20 to 30 age range (or just in darn good shape!) this would be a good video for you.

All in all, Just Walk came out on top for me. What about you gals? Which DVD do you think you’d enjoy more? —Maria

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  1. I have one of Leslie Sansone’s older DVDs. I don’t think I could ever just do it by itself, but I do put it on the computer and have it running with no sound while I watch/listen to tv or music. Its a good way to get in some movement while just being at the house!

  2. Shelly says:

    I have Leslie Sansome’s 5 mile walk and really like it, I use it on the days I’m not doing a more strenuous workout. I DO have to mute it and use my own music though, she likes to talk just a bit much for my tastes.

  3. Marz says:

    I really want to like Leslie, but her chattiness and super duper perkiness kind of drives me insane. So far I’ve liked Jessica though I don’t have her videos I’ve only watched her on youtube (where she has tons of free full length workouts)

  4. kcozz says:

    Jessica Smith all the way. Leslie is great to start off with but Jessica takes you to another level in so many ways. More creative moves so less boredom. Works out more muscles. Prepares you to move on to other workouts. Try her free workouts and you will see for yourself!

  5. Hbomb says:

    Newbie question- these walking dvd’s…are they a march in place thing or would you walk on a treadmill and watch?

  6. Marite says:

    I never did sports in my life, until I was 38. I hated gyms, and so on, plus I couldn’t fo any high impact activities.

    After using Leslie Sansone’s DVD, plus some walking outside, I managed to shed nearly 20 pounds. Now I’ve started using Jessica Smith’s DVD. I would recommend both instructors to anyone who is out of shape and wants to exercise in an easy and fun way.

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