Is Your Yoga Class Like This? We Sure As Heck Hope Not

We love yoga. And we love yoga in a studio. There’s just something about getting all zenned out in a room filled with people that makes yoga seem even more powerful and fulfilling.

That is, unless the other people in the room are jabbering, crowding your space or — quite literally — up in your butt. Then yoga? Eh, not so much. And while we’ve been to some amazing yoga classes before, we’ve had a few that have been less than perfect — but we’ve never had one quite this bad before …


Now we’re dying to know: What’s been your most hilarious yoga experience? Once I had this instructor that I SWEAR had a fake accent … and let’s not forget the farting we all try to pretend didn’t happen … —Jenn

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  1. amy says:

    ha — that’s just like Yoga to the People in NYC!!!!

  2. Tish says:

    And I’m stressed lol

  3. Amber says:

    The studio I train at limits class sizes and tells people they’ll have to leave if they don’t stop talking. But it does seem to have the least self aware group of students ever when it comes to setting up and leaving the class while others are in savasana. Noisy mat dropping, heavy stepping, ugh! It’s the first studio I’ve been to where almost everyone rushes out of the room the second namaste is spoken – as opposed to the other studios in the same chain that I’ve practiced at, where people are more inclined to lie there for another 5-15 minutes, or at least stay and stretch on their own. I think it’s because it’s a fairly new studio, so the students are still mostly inexperienced. It’s been open a year now though, and it seems like people are starting to act more like what I’m used to from the more established studio I trained at in my old town.

  4. Nina says:

    I’ve been doing Bikram yoga almost everyday for 8 months & can totally relate to this article! My studio always has students chattering up before class, matts being put down loudly, coming early to class to get a good spot only to be blocked by the person who comes right before class begins , having little room for doing the poses, talking in class, etc. I wish my studio emphasized the importance of respecting your neighbors during savanna before & after class! Especially trying not to BLOCK someone’s view in the mirror! I try to come early & get a good spot in the front row so I’m not blocked by other students.