PowHER Up With a Free Workout With the FBGs in Kansas City!

We like to work out. You like to work out. So why don’t we get together and work out?! Yeah! Introducing our very first live reader meet-up/event


We’ve been toying with the idea of doing one of these for forever, and we are so darn psyched that it’s finally happening! We FBGs are gathering in early April in Kansas City for our annual retreat where we come together to plan the awesome future of the sites, and this year we want to see YOU!

Here’s everything you need to know …

Fit Bottomed Girls’ PowHER Workout

When: 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, April 5, 2014

Where: The Fit Pit in Merriam, Kansas

Why: To get readers together to work out, have fun and empower each other to be healthy!

How much it is: Free!

Who will be there: FBGs Erin, Jenn, Kristen and Tish, Sheryl (the owner of the Fit Pit) and some awesome volunteers/coaches —  plus a bunch of other awesome women like you!

Who it’s for: Everyone of all workout levels! If you’ve been working out in any capacity for a few months, you should be good. We’ll show modifications to suit — and challenge — all levels!

What you need to bring: Yourself, some water, a towel and a dang good attitude. If the weather permits, we’ll be outside some, too, so keep that in mind when dressing for the workout!

What you can expect: Think circuit-training/bootcamp/interval-training/group workout but with a fun and empowering twist from both the FBGs and The Fit Pit. It won’t be easy, but it won’t be impossible. It’ll be just in that sweet spot that allows you to grow and see what you’re truly capable of! Also, expect lots of laughter. We never, ever take ourselves too seriously.

What you need to do, like, now: Sign up! We already have a bunch of ladies signed up and space is limited, so RSVP here now!

We’re working out a few more details of the event now, but we’re hoping those who come will also be getting something a little special from a sponsor or two … and we have confirmation that there will be chair massage (!) from Acorn Bodyworks there after the workout. YES! Stay tuned for more exciting details!

Have questions? Leave ’em in the comments … otherwise we’ll see you there! —Jenn


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