Sharing (Meals) Really Is Caring

Because it’s Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week over on FBG, today Kristen’s hubby Jared is taking over her post. Read on as he shares an awesome tip to eat healthier when traveling! 

romantic dinner

We think a romantic meal is even more romantic when it’s shared (and when we don’t walk away stuffed to the gills!). Credit: Porto Bay Trade, Flickr

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the tricks I employ while traveling to keep my weight down, but I’ve really focused my thoughts around work travel. Now, that takes up a significant percentage of my time, but I realize now that I skipped a very important travel tip that I actually really enjoy (you might even call it an obsession!) when Kristen and I travel together: sharing!
When I go to a restaurant for work, everyone sits down and orders their meal. Often, people go for the most expensive, least healthy option, because, hey, work is paying! It is very rare to have a colleague who not only shares the same taste as you but is also willing to split a meal.
It’s a different story when I’m grabbing a meal with my wife. You may think this is difficult since she is a pescatarian and I am very much not, but you’d be surprised. There’s almost always an appetizer or soup we’d both enjoy, and then, depending on how hungry we are, we might opt to split either a salad (any meat that comes with it on the side) or a seafood dish with a bunch of veggies as a side dish. Or sometimes sweet potato fries, because it’s really hard to say no to those.
We do not each have to order our own meal, and not only does it not feel like a sacrifice, but it even feels kind of special. Like it’s our thing, you know? Plus, it helps us choose healthy options (I’m not going to be the one who pushes for fried fish and chips if she’s eyeing the ahi tuna salad) and also makes portion control a breeze.
This tip is awesome for even more reasons, like, you know, money. It’s particularly beneficial when on long vacations to keep costs in check with all those restaurant meals — suddenly that two-entree dinner with an app that was going to run you $60 is pretty much cut in half. The final benefit: is there anything cuter than sharing a meal with your significant other?
Who else thinks sharing a meal is a pretty romantic way to cut calories and save a little cash? —Jared Seymour

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