This Tire Workout Will Make You Feel Like a Bad-Ass

tire-workout-585Want to feel like a total bad-ass when you work out? Try working out with a tire. Yes, a tire. There’s nothing like lifting a little rubber (er, that sounded dirty — sorry) to make you feel like you are woman, hear you roar. So when I spied this gem of a tire workout over on Fit Bottomed Mamas, I knew we’d have to share it.


Yep, that lady there is pregnant, making her double bad-ass, but anyone can do this circuit workout (and, of course, if you are preggers, be sure to check with your doc first!). This circuit tire workout comes from Amen Iseghohi, the CEO and founder of Amenzone Fitness, and you can do it with a tire, a medicine ball or really, anything heavy (or even with no weight if you’re a beginner). Just be sure to warm up first. The whole circuit will take you just 7 minutes, which is awesome for a quick blast, but feel free to do through the circuit a few times to really feel the (rubber) burn.

Get the full tire workout here! Then tell us: what’s your favorite tire-workout move? —Jenn


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  1. The picture is absolutely kick ass. Hats off to the lady. Yeah, and definitely an awesome move. Targets the glutes, core, ankles and shoulders.