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Here We Go Round: Trying 9Round Fitness

Today’s 9Round review is from Jennifer Schlozman, a former Weight Watchers Leader Ambassador who’s a runner and triathlete — and she completed her first half marathon this year. With enthusiasm for group workouts and finding fit friends, she considers herself a loser when it comes to weight and a winner when it comes to happiness. She normally writes about her mommy fitness adventures over on Fit Bottomed Mamas, but today she’s hanging out with FBG!

My husband recently invited me to try a kickboxing circuit studio with him. I get really excited when I try new fitness studios and new routines, so I on board (On board? I’ve done that, too! Remember Surfset?). This hot spot is in prime proximity to Grandma and Grandpa’s, so my little guy Evan could have some fun, too.

When we first walked into 9Round, I instantly thought of Rocky (cue the music!). It was a cold, sunny day outside, but inside the lights were dim and the boxing bags were shining. The gym definitely had a small, more intimate setting. I leaned over and asked my husband what exactly he signed me up for.


The 9Round franchise owner, Phil, welcomed us to his new gym and offered us a quick synopsis of what he does. In short, 9round is a 30-minute kickboxing, boxing and circuit workout. I need to mention that I LOVE the feel of new fitness equipment. Aside from feeling big and bad from the dim lights, I felt empowered. Like I needed to break this equipment in with a warm welcome!

Each station has a sign instructing you through the circuit. Phil gave us a quick overview and walked around, focusing on our form during the 30 minutes. It’s unreal! He started a timer on the wall that had three lights — one for the circuit, a 30-second buzzer for one last push and the last buzzer to complete the circuit. Between the third and first buzzer he had us do some Tabatas; then as soon as that first buzzer rang, we were on to the next circuit. It’s go, go, go — just what I love!


The first few circuits were geared towards strength and balance, but after that he put gloves on me, and I felt like a real competitor! I was punching, kicking, lifting, pulling and pushing so many different bags! The music was pumping, Phil was shouting words of encouragement (while following Jake around with a mop to clean up his dripping sweat!), and my husband was flattering me.

While we were there, we got a glimpse of what the place looks like full. There are no class times per se, just hours of operation. To explain, when you walk in, you get your hands wrapped up, then you jump into an open circuit and make your way around. When Jake and I first arrived, it was just us, but little by little people piled in and then we finished up with a large group.

It was so much fun! We both felt pumped up from the heavy breathing and all the bags moving simultaneously. I appreciate slowing down in Pilates (check out my post on why!) just as much as I enjoy the high intensity of a Fusion Fly class (remember Jenn’s post?) and now, 9round. I am bummed that I did not wear my heart rate monitor to compare this 30 minutes to one of my regular hour workouts, but don’t you fear. I will be returning with that monitor and will be sure to let you know how it compares!


After class, I stuck around to talk to the other owner, Chris, who is a busy mom of three herself and happens to also be in the corporate world. She is healthy, fit and as sweet as can be. She mentioned that having the ability to run in and not rely on class times is key for her. She came to the studio for her 30 minutes, then was off to do her mama duties. I appreciate this because so many times we tend to use time as an excuse and are worried that 30 minutes won’t give us what we want out of a workout, so we don’t bother. 9Round proves that 30 minutes can do the trick!

9Round is a franchise (all 50 states!) with several locations around the Kansas City area. The best part is that your first workout is free. The cost of membership is comparable to most gym memberships — or you can do a $10 drop-in rate with some friends! They are making their way into Canada, so be sure to check out a location near you.

Have fun, put the dukes up and tell them Fit Bottomed Girls sent you! And maybe pick up one of these foam rollers — you’re gonna need it the next day after you try a class!Jennifer Schlozman

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  1. Katrina says:

    Great recap! I’ll be checking out the new one in Portland, OR tomorrow!

    1. Jenn says:

      Oooh, enjoy, Katrina! 🙂

      —FBG Jenn

  2. Jennifer P says:

    Just came across your review which works out since I’ve been thinking of trying this. I’m also from KC. Have you been back? Which location did you visit? Thanks

  3. AnaM says:

    I’m in my mid-40s and haven’t done any real exercise in a very long time. I decided I needed to do something. My daughter who is very athletic and fit is doing 9Round in NC and loving it. I decided with a free visit to give it a try. The people are very friendly, not intimidating, and I survived my first visit this week. I’ve been back two more times this week and so far I’m really enjoying it. I already feel better during the sessions and can’t wait to see where I am in 12 weeks.

    If you feel awkward or unsure – don’t worry. Once you get started you don’t have time to feel awkward and everybody else is breathing and sweating hard. And who doesn’t love hitting a bag?

  4. I’ve been a member since it opened in athens ga. I love the concept and the workout is top notch.

  5. Doreen sekelsky says:

    Appalled at the music My daughter had to listen to. Girl begging for sex ” how can I get u to sleep with me and on you better run faster then my bullet. Sometimes she brings her kids! I will never join a gym like that. It was the old Saybrook Ct one.

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  10. Sharon says:

    How much is a membership and do you have to sign a contract

  11. Cathy says:

    To Sharon:

    I was looking at the costs as well and thought I would help! I currently pay $79 a month and had to pay a $50 one-time initiation fee.

    These resources should help in regards to pricing as well (they helped me):



    All the best!

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