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Healthy Treats Your Dog Will Flip For (Or at Least Roll Over For)

HEALTHY-dog-treats-585Here’s a fun fact: Whenever new products arrive here at FBG HQ, they typically go into a special section of my office and await being scheduled for a review or feature of some kind. Now, this “special section” is merely a designated bin that is usually spilling over with fit goodies. Some of them are energy bars, some is apparel, some are books — there’s always a random mixture of all kinds of stuff. But in the months before Fit Bottomed Pets Week, this area gets filled up with other goodies — whose main audience is more four-legged than two-legged.

Typically my pup Siena leaves everything in this area alone. She doesn’t grab anything as a chew toy or even go after the food — even if it’s jerky or something equally irresistible to dogs. But when the goodies for Pets Week start rolling in, it’s like she knows.

My typically well-behaved dog (well, at least in that one respect — the FedEx guy probably has a different opinion) can’t keep her nose out of the bin of goodies that she normally ignores. In fact, as soon as these three products from Clear Conscience Pet came in, she obsessively sniffed them and eventually stole the Super Gravy like a stealth doggy ninja. I barely got it from her before she ripped it totally apart and ate it all. So, when I say that Siena liked all of these treats, well, I mean it. Girlfriend took her “assignment” quite seriously and quite passionately. But let’s go over her thoughts product by product …

Clear Conscience Pet: Healthy Dog Treats Review

First up, Sliders.


If you read nutrition labels on your dog’s food like you do your own, you’ll like what you see on the back of the package here. We’re talking crazy clean ingredients like chicken, organic flaxseed, cheddar cheese, dried carrot, dried tomato, dried spinach, celery powder and sea salt. Seriously, this would be a good snack for humans. It’s so fresh that you even have to put it in the fridge after you open it.

And from the get-go, Siena was totally into it. The Sliders don’t have a really strong smell or anything and kind of look like beef jerky.


Siena scarfed these down. And because they were a little chewy, it took her more than 2 seconds to eat one, which was nice.

Up next on what was pretty much Siena’s best day ever, the SuperGravy. Now, this is the product she stole, so clearly it was her favorite of the bunch.


Those eyes are saying: Just take the photo already and give it to me. Puh-lease.

That probably has something to do with the fact that it is a powdered mix of grass-fed organ meats, chia seeds and veggies. It’s basically a superfood enhancer for any pet food (cats, too!) and transforms any dry food into a wet foodie treat. You simply put a scoop on the dry food, add water, stir and serve. Siena scarfed this down with serious gusto, so I can see why it’s recommended as a way to get dogs who don’t want to eat to eat.

siena eating

Nom, nom, superfoods.

And last but not least, Siena also tried Cruncherz Ginger Yaps. These organic, grain-free and gluten-free treats are made with ingredients like buckwheat flour, canola oil, ginger and chamomile.


Crunchy and more like your traditional dog treat, we’ve found these to be great for training. There are quite a few in a package, too, and they stay fresh in the resealable bag. Siena happily rolls over for them, which is saying something because typically she’ll only roll over for the really good stuff, like turkey.


So, yeah, three great organic dog treats that are healthy for your pooch! All Siena tested and approved!

Tell us do you look at the nutrition and ingredient labels on your pet’s food and treats? Do you buy organic dog treats? —Jenn

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