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Our Six Favorite Posts of the Year

This post idea seemed like a good idea when we brainstormed it.

Yeah! Since it’s our sixth FBG birthday, let’s share our six favorite posts!

Until, you know, you actually have to go in and select only SIX posts from about a million amazing, touching, hilarious, enlightening and awe-inspiring ones. Doh!

But, after much back and forth, we did it. We settled on these six posts from the last 365 days. And they are in no particular order (because, um, that we really can’t do!) …


Our Six Favorite Posts of the Year

1. Workout I Did: The Zombie Apocalypse Workout. If you’re a Walking Dead fan or, really, a fan of anything even remotely zombie-related, you will love, love, love this workout that Erin did. Maybe even to death.

2. Tish’s Best Fitness Memory. How sometimes the worst memory can end up being the best motivator.

3. Why Exercise Isn’t Always the Answer to Depression. An honest read that struck a chord with a lot of readers.

4. The ‘New Skinny’ Is Already You. You know that saying “strong is the new skinny?” Well, we have a bone to pick with it … 

5. An Open Letter to All Racers. If you’ve run a race, are training for a race or even thought about doing a race, this post is for you. Just a couple of things to keep in mind between now and that delicious post-race cookie!

6. My Thoughts on the Eve of Our Book Being Released … Of course the book is, like, THE BIGGEST THING EVER and naturally, that has everything to do with you, dear readers.

How many had you already read? What were YOUR six fave posts from FBG? —The FBGs 

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